We introduce you to the BakerySwap “Featured Artists” section and to what is next for our #NFT Supermarket!

  1. Intro

Recently, BakerySwap has experienced a huge usage increase in the #NFT Supermarket. In both, the gamified finance sections (with Pets, Soccer and Combos) and the art sections.

More than 180,000 transactions and 55,000 NFT minted are an example of this growth in demand!

This has also caused a lot of amateur artists and regular users to start their art careers, making it very hard for collectors to find true gems between all the BSC artists catalog.

With time, they will become…

We are delighted to announce that HyFi IDO will be launched on BakerySwap on 2nd April 9:00 AM UTC

🔥Latest IDO Plan on BakerySwap

BakerySwap is the all-in-one DeFi platform on Binance Smart Chain. So far, BakerySwap has attracted many high-quality projects doing IDO on its launchpad. Due to the high demand of IDO tokens, many users had a hard time participating in them.

Listening to our community, this time we add a 10 minutes whitelist session. Specifically, addresses in the whitelist will participate in the IDO first, and it will last about 10 minutes (200 blocks). If the tokens are sold out during the…

We are delighted to announce that the GamyFi IDO will be launched on BakerySwap on 3.29 12:00 PM UTC.

About GamyFi IDO

Max cap:155 BNB

Price:1 BNB=260 GFX

Single transaction limit: 0.5 BNB

Single address limit: 1 BNB

BAKE holdings: BNB investment = 1000:1 (each BNB investment needs to hold 1,000 Bake)

Opening time of GFX IDO and related events:

Around 3.29 12:00PM UTC when the block reached 6102402, GamyFi IDO starts.

BSC block explorer address: https://bscscan.com/

3.29 3:00PM UTC:

GFX will be listed on Bakery AMM exchange for trading and liquidity farming.

Users can stake GFX-BNB LP earn GFX…

Are you a BakerySwap fan? Have you got community management or telegram support experience? Are you a blockchain technical specialist or a #DeFi business developer?

If you have answered yes to at least one question (and being a fan is the most valuable one), this is the time to apply for joining the BakerySwap team.

Which roles are we looking for?

  1. Telegram Community Manager

Support the community by managing our telegram group, mentoring new members, explaining the product functions and the rules of our various activities.

We are looking for Bakery enthusiasts that can provide more than 5 hours of…

The IDO this time is a little different. Inspired by the creativity of our community, we prepared 1000 Bakery-themed exclusive soccer balls. Here is what it looks like.

Do you think they’re just NFTs? No, they’re not only NFTs, but also real world soccer balls that can be delivered to you.

Now let’s see how the IDO works.

We have a token representation of the NFT soccer, named SOCCER, and we will issue 1000 SOCCER, 1 SOCCER can be minted into 1 soccer NFT, and 1 NFT soccer can be converted into 1 real-world soccer ball.

SOCCER will be listed…

In the past six months, BakerySwap has experienced the process from nothing to prosperity. In addition to Swap, Bakery has launched Liquidity Farming,IDO Launchpad, NFT marketplace and the gamification of NFT+DeFi. Up to now, the total TVL of BakerySwap has reached 104M, $89.3M in AMM and $14.7M in Gamification respectively. We have 5344 minted NFT artworks with 15,785 transactions. And the price of BAKE has increased by more than 7370% since December 2020.

Bakeryswap can’t grow without BAKE Token

It can be said that BAKE token has empowered the circulation and value of the entire Bakery ecosystem. During the past 180 days, more than 130 million…

We are thrilled to announce our new feature — Bakery NFT Voting, which will be launched on March 10th, 6:00 AM UTC. You will be able to vote for your favorite artworks and push them to the homepage. The more votes an artwork has, the higher it ranks.

How can you participate in NFT voting?

You can go to NFT Supermarket through the link https://www.bakeryswap.org/#/exchange/new-artworks and vote for your favorite artworks there. Please note that you can only vote in the NFT market where NFT minting is possible, such as “BSC Artists”, “BAKE & Banana” and “Musk & Doge”.

We can see that there is a “Vote”…

We are thrilled to announce that the NEW IDO — Crudeoil Finance will be open on 11th March at 8AM UTC.

For now, BakerySwap has successfully launched many IDOs which have achieved great performance.We will conduct a multiangle analysis of the application form to ensure the project quality.This time there is also a little change to the IDO rules so that more users can participate in.

About Crudeoil IDO

1. A total of 1200 BNB will be raised from the IDO

2. Sale price will be 1 BNB=125 DIESEL

3. Max cap per transaction is 1 BNB, one address has multiple chances, max…

We’ve been extremely overwhelmed by the support and excitement we have received from our community. It’s now time to present our new IDO — Spartan Casino. Before that, we first announce the changes to IDO rules.

We have summarized our experience in the recent IDOs. For example, we have gained the enthusiastic participation of many users in the process of DEFI100 IDO. However, due to the rapid response and participation of Big-Whale accounts, IDO was seriously overraised within 1 second, which actually discouraged the enthusiasm of most retail investors. At the same time, due to too many addresses in the…

BakerySwap is cooperating with Ankr Staking to use aETH, a synthetic derivative asset, to launch new farming pools, including aETH-BETH and aETH-ETH. BakerySwap will allow aETH holders to benefit from becoming liquidity providers. Also we will add $Ankr, $OnX, and extra $BAKE reward, to this farming pool.

What is aETH?

aETH is a synthetic bond-like asset that is distributed to all ETH stakers and can be traded immediately. aETH is one asset & combined value. aETH represents the staked ETH plus all future staking rewards. Initially, aETH is issued at a ratio of 1:1 to the amount of ETH staked…


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