-Have you been participating in ETH 2.0?

-Not yet? Why?

-The request of 32 $ETH is too high?The return is not attractive? The staking period is too long or the liquidity is not good enough?

-Why not come to BakerySwap to try ETH2.0 cross-chain farming, one stake triple return, unlimited liquidity, and instant trading.

-How about that?

On December 1, ETH 2.0 was officially launched, marking the start of the Ethereum consensus mechanism from POW to POS. Participants need to stake minimum 32 ​​$ETH be a block producer, and the APY is expected to be 5–20%.

In order to reduce the high request, increase the liquidity of users’ fund, and provide BSC users with a higher annual return, BakerySwap and Binance officially are launching an ETH2.0 cross-chain token called ‘BETH’ on January 6, 2021. …


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