Alchemy Toys GAT IDO — Fully on-chain gaming and trading

We are delighted to announce that Alchemy Toys IDO will be launched on BakerySwap on the 19th day of July at 7:00 AM UTC

About Alchemy Toys GAT

GAT Network — launched by a registered tech company in Leipzig (Germany) — is an ecosystem for fully on-chain gaming and trading with collectible NFTs that are backed by real value. The platform is creating an ecosystem of fair, inter-connected, fully on-chain, NFT-based collect and play board games on BSC. Gat network is a compendium of TOY NFTs, GAT, and Minted Vodka.

The first game in the ecosystem, Alchemy Toys, has already been launched in May. With over 45,000+ minted TOYs and many excited players, Alchemy Toys belongs to the most intense NFT projects on BSC.

GAT is a multi-purpose deflationary BEP20 token with use-cases and an extremely limited pre-minted supply

TOYs are BEP-721 NFTs that are used in Alchemy Toys and planned for partial use in other apps in the future

Minted Vodka is an NFT Exchange that can be used to trade TOYs and other digital arts and assets.


The team is accelerating the development to bring new gaming experience into the GAT Network. In the coming days a follow-up on-chain game will be announced, where GAT and TOYs tokens will be used. This second game will be released to the public in the coming weeks.

Within the next months further features and deflationary use-cases for GAT are coming to Minted Vodka (for example, NFT minting and staking).

Yet another NFT gaming project will also join the GAT ecosystem very soon, bringing more value to GAT (stay tuned for announcements!).


The international team is based in Germany and has been working together as a software company for more than a decade on dozens of high-profile web development projects. Team’s clients include the biggest European B2B and B2C online ecommerce platforms, world’s biggest food chains and largest chemical & telecommunication companies; also public sector — governmental agencies. The focus lies in development and migrations of complex B2B systems, architecture consulting and development of DLT solutions.

In crypto-space the Semko team is best known for important work in the development of auto-peering node-software for IOTA as well as several PoC projects in the area of energy and smart cities.

More info can be found at (in German).

GAT Network website:

GAT Network Telegram:

GAT Network Twitter:

Alchemy Toys GAT IDO

Token Name: GAT

Total Supply: 1,000,000 GAT

Contract address: 0xf315cfc8550f6fca969d397ca8b807c5033fa122

IDO Amount: 300,000 GAT

IDO Supported Token: BNB

IDO Price: 1BNB = 200GAT

Hardcap: 1500BNB

BAKE holdings required: 100,000 BAKE for 1 BNB (to participate in 1 BNB, you need to hold 100,000 BAKE). The number of BAKE needed is halved every 5 minutes until close to the Maximum Cap.

Minimum to participate: 0.1 BNB (In the first 5 min, you will need a minimum of 10,000 BAKE to participate)

Starting Time: Around July 19th at 7:00 AM UTC (block height TBD)

About BakerySwap

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