Bakery Art NFT Marketplace: April 2021

5 min readApr 22, 2021

April has been an awesome month for our NFT Supermarket, setting records in daily NFT transactions above 4,000, and leading #BSC, in both transactions and volume.

We have developed lots of exciting new features like Music and video or organizing our first initial NFT offerings, with SWOG and Cao Jun. But the month has not ended, and we still have some things cooking in the oven… Let’s see!

1. We introduce you New Featured Artists — April 22th

We want to increase both the quantity and quality of our Featured Artists. Those will be the base of our new rebranded Gallery, that we launch the 27th. Here are the new 9 members:

Nude Robot: Nude Robot is a 3D artist, maker of porous experiences which blend reality and 3D together. He draws heavily from the unseen forces around us, creating inside out worlds from our cultural archive. Also known for directing work, he has collaborated with top artists such as Bad Bunny, Young Thug, and Kanye West.

Gerz: Grego Díaz is a 3d artist creating product animations and images. He specialized in product visualization, art direction, and 3D illustration with a background in product and graphic design.

Ern Kurtel: Ern Kurtel has been an artist for more than 10 years. Eren’s work reflects his inspired appreciation of the soul. He has been featured in numerous comics and magazines. He is an illustrator-artist who creates themes from dreams and past experiences to make something different. He loves dark colors and how different colors affect people’s mood.

Mr Anderson: Mr Anderson started out as a 2D animator a long time ago in Riga, Latvia. Made some cartoons which became quite popular. Later became interested in 3D and started creating 3D things.

Eline: Eline is a graphic designer and artist, who tries to bring questions about the contemporary world to evoke the urgency of the time we are facing. To express this, Eline uses Street Art language and Pop Art references.

Manzo: Manzo is a crypto artist inspired by blockchain technology and the new digital revolution, whose works reflect objects, emotions and time through motion graphic.

Aytek Gurkan: Aytek Gurkan have been doing art and design works for more than 10 years. Recently working as a CGI Artist and Illustrator, mostly doing surreal scenes with soft colors and minimal approach to it.

Toy Boy: ToyBoy is a work of 3 friends who make Art Toys, now They are focusing on the development of NFT’s that materialize our dreams and infinite worlds. They are not confined to a single style NFT, but they try to create a series of Collective Cards and Digital Toys.

Heuckendorff: Heuckendorff is an all-in-one musician, visual artist and animator. He is currently releasing unique digital versions of painted artworks, unique audio teasers of un-released songs, and will be building to the release of full-length tracks from his much anticipated upcoming album. Across all disciplines, Heuckendorff aims to exemplify improvisation, technique, and pure expression. He is excited to be entering the NFT world and sees great things for the future of art and music in this space

The Black Sea NFT : Theblacksea is a French artist from Strasbourg. He has been a graphic designer for over 15 years and he is also a graphic design teacher. He has been an NFT artist with a huge community on twitter and he loves creating 3d scenes with his favorite 3d software.

2. The 3D Event — April 27th

World’s Talented 3D Artists Visit Binance Smart Chain

BakerySwap will host an exclusive 3D NFT drop with a selection of the most talented 3D artists from around the globe. These top artists have been involved in projects for Netflix, Nike, Chanel, Apple or hot musicians like Bad Bunny, Lil Uzi and Young Thug. This exclusive event will take place on April 27th at our new branded platform, Bakery Gallery. This initiative will bring the highest quality art to Binance Smart Chain for the first time, rivaling with top Ethereum platforms.

BakerySwap will launch also on April 27th a new rebranded and separate site, “Bakery NFT Gallery”, to host curated exhibitions, and complementing their current “open” art NFT Marketplace.

More info: See Cointelegraph here <press release>

3. The new rebranded Bakery NFT Gallery — April 27th

BakerySwap will launch also on April 27th a new rebranded and separate site, “Bakery Gallery”, to host curated exhibitions, and complementing our current “open” art NFT Marketplace.

Bakery Gallery — The Home of Talent

Bakery Gallery is a curated NFT platform that spotlight top emerging artists with the purpose to help, empower and add value to those creative minds that are constantly challenging themselves in the creative field.

Bakery Gallery and BSC, will have one of the lowest fees for artists across all chain, thus gaining attractive versus Ethereum curated platforms.

By attracting quality, we expect more qualified investors and collectors to visit our marketplace. Giving collective value to the exhibiting is crucial to gain volume.

In a nutshell, Bakery Gallery will strengthen Bakery ecosystem, allowing us to target high quality segments.

4. Bakery in the news — April

SWOG’s record selling in less than 3 minutes. BSC.News <Article here>

Fees or how can Binance Smart Chain can win the battle to Ethereum peers. Cointelegraph <Article here>

On how our marketplace lead Binance Smart Chain.<Tweet here>

5. April New Features (Digital artworks section)

  • Music and Video
  • Advanced Profiling functions
  • Drops or Initial NFT Offering

Stay tuned! More interesting things coming in May!