Bakery Combos — the First NFTfi Platform on Binance Smart Chain

Thank you all for your support to BakerySwap. Now we are moving forward to the next stage. Would you like to try some special combo meals? We are now about to open our bakery for you to make your own dishes! Cheers that Bakery will be the first AMM+NFT platform on Binance Smart Chain.

Our ambition: AMM + NFT

In the new version of Bakery, BAKE can be used to compose a random combo meal, which is a unique NFT(None-fungible token). Your unique NFT combo is not only a collectible item, but also a BAKE farming tool. Each NFT combo has a staking power and can be staked to earn BAKE. The combo can also be traded (will be available in the next version) or decomposed back to BAKE.

How to play with your Combos?

We have 4 tiers of combos, Basic, Regular, Luxury, and Supreme. To compose a combo, you need to contribute BAKE, and the more BAKE you contribute, the higher tier combo you will have, which generates the higher staking power. However, there is a random factor when generating staking power like a raffle game, so you will have the chance to get a combo with higher staking power at a low cost like a jackpot. Then you can stake your combo to earn BAKE based on the staking power of your combo.

To protect the interests of our participants, we develop the “decompose” function so that each NFT can be decomposed back to BAKE. With this feature, when no one takes over your NFT assets, you don’t need to sell it at a discount, or go through a long staking process to cover your loss, you only need to decompose the NFT and get 90% of the BAKE you contribute back.

In the next version, your combos can be traded on the market. The interesting thing is that if you were lucky enough to get a combo with high staking power at a low cost, you can sell it to others to make profits.

Start making your first combo NEXT WEEK!



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