Bakery Gallery, the curated marketplace from Bakery Ecosystem.

What is Bakery Gallery & Why we launch it…

BakerySwap is launching Bakery Gallery, the new curated platform that completes the NFT product offering, and aims to compete with top quality Ethereum platforms. Attract both talented and sophisticated collectors and investors are the main goals of Bakery Gallery.

  • Featured Artists for selected quality and consolidated artists.
  • Meme Contests for cobranded activities with partners, or directly NFT issued by them.
  • DeFi NFT, like $SOCCER, $POKER or the new BSC Games Box.

How does Bakery Gallery Works…

Bakery Gallery will focus on giving exposure to our featured artists, which are the base of Bakery Gallery and to attract more talent to BSC via organizing Top Quality Drops.

Are you a BSC artist and already using our NFT Marketplace?

Don’t worry, the NFT Marketplace will continue stronger as ever, and new partnerships are going to visit us soon, to keep providing contests and activities.

What does the new site look like…?

Bakery Gallery will have the same technical features as the NFT Supermarket, but with a more sophisticated and clean approach, including a new logo that keeps the iconic Doughnut, but with a more updated look (use of gradients, minimal, etc.).

  • Featured Artists: With the profiles of our selected artists.
  • Artworks: With the same NFT Supermarket current features.

When will be available the new Bakery Gallery?

On April 27th the doors of Bakery Gallery will open, along with the exclusive 3D event, where 16 top talented artists will drop their Doughnut inspiration artworks!