Bakery Incubator Announces a $2M Strategic Investment in Topic.Market

2 min readSep 15, 2023

We’re excited to announce that Bakery Incubator, the investment branch of BakerySwap, has strategically invested $2 million in Topic.Market, a revolutionary social platform where you can trade hot topics.

With this investment, we are committed to supporting Topic.Market’s growth in various aspects, from product consulting to market expansion, all aligned with our vision in the SocialFi sector.

Introducing Topic.Market

On Topic.Market, you can not only voice your opinions on trending topics from cryptocurrency trends to breaking news, but also seize the opportunity to capitalize on them.

Serving as both a social platform and a trading platform, Topic.Market allows you to buy “Supports” to express your views on trending topics, while also trading them to make a profit.

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Topic.Market Beta Phase

Topic.Market is going to start its Beta phase next week. There will be a series of marketing campaigns to distribute Beta Access Codes. Please stay tuned to their official announcements.

Future Collaboration

Looking ahead, we’re enthusiastic about our collaborative opportunities with Topic.Market. Our partnership will extend across various dimensions including joint marketing activities, product integration, and Launchpad opportunities. We’re committed to fostering a dynamic ecosystem where our combined efforts can bring unique value to our users.