Bakery reopens NFT Combo for a limited time

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Two months ago, we released NFT Combo on for users to try some special meals. It has attracted a lot of users to compose the combos, which are random NFT combo meals that can generate BAKE. The NFT combo meals greatly increase BAKE lock-ups.

Then, in order to maintain the uniqueness and scarcity of NFT Combos, we decided to pause Combo composing, and users can only buy combos from the NFT supermarket from those who want to sell their combos.

However, there are fewer and fewer people willing to sell their combos, and then there is no way for new users to participate.

The good news is here. Bakery is about to open NFT Combo again for a limited time and greatly increase the ROI of combos!

Time Limit: 6:00 am, Feb 20 to 6:00 am, Mar 12 UTC

Check our previous articles about how to make a combo and earn $BAKE:

Next Step: Gamification of NFT Combos

In the near future, the NFT Combos of BakerySwap can be used in various gamification mechanisms in the ecosystem, which include using combos to make other cool stuff, exchanging combos for other NFTs or tokens, and being embedded in other games…and same as before, you can always buy and sell your combos on the NFT supermarket.

Stay tuned…

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