Bakery’s Second IDO Project — BLINk

Since the release of our Launchpad, we successfully completed the first IDO. One month later, we now sincerely introduce our second IDO — BLINk.

What is BLINk

BLINk is a partnership between WINk and Binance community. They’ve created a brand new gaming platform running entirely on the Binance Smart Chain. The platform will enable BNB holders to start using their tokens to experience the excitement of daily gaming and wealth redistribution that WINksters on Tron have been enjoying for over two years. The new platform is the beginning of an exciting new era for WINk and the first step on our journey to becoming a true multi-chain gaming platform.


Games to start with BLINk will launch with just Dice but over time they plan to launch the full suite of games currently on WINk. Eventually, they’ll reach a point where new launches are rolled out simultaneously on both platforms. All people need to do to take part in the initial mining is to play on BLINk with BNB.

BLINk Token

Token Name: BLINk

Token Symbol: BLK

Total supply: 999,999,999 BLINk

Chain: Binance Smart Chain

Format: BEP20

Token Distribution

Mining (Including Genesis Mining) 30%

Ecosystem Support 20%

Binance Gaming Developer Support 15%

Team 15%

Initial Dex Offering 20%


BLINk IDO will be launched at the best AMM on BSC — BakerySwap on 20th November 2020 8:00 AM UTC (16:00 PM SGT).

BLINk is releasing 15,000,000 BLK through our Launchpad.

BNB and BAKE are accepted for the IDO.

7,500,000 BLK will be for BNB participants, and 7,500,000 BLK will be for BAKE participants.

The BAKE received will be burned.

The offering price is 1 BLINk = 0.01 USD. The offering prices of BLINk to BNB and BAKE are based on the rate of 0.01 USD.

First come first serve.

The BLK token will be released shortly after the IDO finishes. If you participate after the BLK are sold out, your BAKE or BNB will be returned to your addresses.



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