BakerySwap and Dogemon Go partnership announcement

2 min readSep 13, 2021

1/3 What is Dogemon Go?

The first AR and NFT Game where you can earn Dogecoins while playing and holding DOGO, and earn DOGO while playing!

  • How to play the DogemonGo Game?

Download the App iOS / Android / APK available If your Phone does not support the Game yet, you can download the APK file from our website and try it.

The Game is 100% Free and No Payment or Deposit is required!

You can catch the Dogecoin in the Game and thus you earn Doge Coins. Hold DOGO Tokens (minimum 50,001 Tokens) in your personal Wallet and earn DOGE a few times a day (you can trigger the transfer by sending a small amount of DOGO from your wallet to another Wallet which you own). Hold DOGO Credits in the Game and earn DOGE once a day.

If you catch Dogemons, you earn DOGO Credits which you can always Swap at 1:1 ratio into DOGO tokens.

100,000 users have already used the platform, what are you waiting to give a try?

2/3 About BakerySwap Partnership

  • New $BAKE pool launching Wednesday, September 15th, 07.00 AM UTC.

Stake $BAKE earn $DOGO during 10 days!

You will find the new $BAKE pool here

  • BakerySwap will have a character in the game!

You will have chance to chase a BakerySwap branded Bear Chef!

  • Teams are evaluating further collaborations in the NFT space!

3/3 About $DOGO Token

You can convert $DOGO token into Dogo Credits. This will allow you to buy Rocket Balls (0.05 DOGO Credits per Ball) in the game, and have chances to improve your level, and catch higher Dogemons with higher Rewards, as each Dogemon rewards you with Dogo Credits.

In the future Dogo Credits will allow you to get Dogemon NFTs!

$DOGO token has 15% transaction fees to make the model sustainable, plus delivering daily a 7% redistribution to tokenholders in $DOGE. Hodlers don’t need to claim the earned DOGE. It’s automatically sent to your wallet.

Appendix — More info About Dogemon

  • Where can I download the Game?


Download here

Android APK:

Download here

Google Play Store:

Download here

  • Where can I find the Roadmap?

Instructions and Roadmap

  • Dogemon Go Socials and links