BakerySwap & SafePal announce their First Joint Activity: The #SafeNFT Campaign

7 min readApr 20, 2021

BakerySwap, the first DeFi exchange platform that provides both AMM and NFT Marketplace on Binance Smart Chain announces a series of strategic partnerships with SafePal, a crypto wallet dedicated to providing a secure and user-friendly crypto management platform, and introduces the first activity in the series, SafeNFT.

Dedicated to creating more awareness on Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), this series of strategic partnerships between BakerySwap and SafePal seeks to educate the crypto community on Binance Smart Chain NFTs. In this article, we present to you the first in the series, SafeNFT.

#SAFENFT is a Safepal x BakerySwap Themed NFT Campaign that aims at; introducing SafePal Community to BakerySwap and Binance Smart Chain NFTs, creating awareness on SafePal Wallet in terms of NFT Support, educating users on how NFTs work such as sending and receiving of NFTs within SafePal Wallet and ultimately planting the seed for larger NFT campaigns on Binance Smart Chain and BakerySwap.

About SafePal

Safepal is a crypto wallet that is dedicated to providing a secure and user-friendly crypto management platform for the masses to secure and grow their crypto assets safely and conveniently. It is the first hardware wallet invested and backed by Binance.

SafePal currently serves over 200,000 users from more than 120 countries through its unique hardware wallet and software wallet product lines, all paired and managed through the Safepal App, where users can easily secure, manage, swap, trade, and grow their crypto wealth without compromising asset security

About BakerySwap

BakerySwap, the 1st AMM + NFT Exchange, is the all-in-one DeFi platform on Binance Smart Chain. BakerySwap was one of the first projects to be supported by the Binance Chain Accelerator Fund and to be listed at

BakerySwap aims to be the reference place for all DeFi users’ needs, by providing three main services. First, the AMM (Automatic Market Maker) where users can exchange tokens, stake them, or do liquidity farming, with +$190M TVL. Second, the NFT Marketplace, with over 240,000 NFT transactions, allows participants to mint or trade artworks and other gamified NFT items, providing key features, like bidding or auction. And finally, the IDO Launchpad, that provides initial coin offerings from selected quality projects to early investors.

First NFT Competition: How it works and Timeline

Safepal and BakerySwap will collaborate to launch a SafeNFT creation campaign. BakerySwap NFT marketplace will serve as a platform for upload of participants’ NFTs and also trading of the artworks using SFP tokens. At the end of the campaign, the creators of the winning NFTs will be rewarded with a SafePal S1 hardware wallet and Bake tokens. The campaign will run for 10 days from the 20th of April to the 30th of April.


  • A reference to Safety must be included on all the participating NFTs.
  • The NFT minted can be: Picture, Gif, Video, Audio
  • Participating Artists must create and mint a Binance Smart Chain NFT on BakerySwap. Select NFT Marketplace, Digital Artworks, and use the “Safety Art” tab in the minting (Guide on how to mint NFT on BakerySwap can be found below)
  • Every participant must tweet, using the #SafeNFT hashtag, and add an image or short video showing his or her BSC NFT.
  • The BSC NFT screenshot (image) or short video (GIF) must be extracted from the SafePal App.

In conclusion, artworks must be minted on BakerySwap and tweeted based on the above conditions to enter the campaign

Selection of winners

The Expert Committee will pick 3 winners on the 1st of May and the announcement will be made on the 2nd of May. This Expert Committee will be formed by 3–4 NFT artists selected by both partners.


  • Each of the 3 participants with the best NFTs will win 1 SafePal S1 Hardware Wallet.
  • 3 participants with the winning NFTs will have their NFT artwork displayed within the SafePal Wallet App for thousands of users to see via the SafePal in-app banner.

How to use BakerySwap NFT marketplace

BakerySwap NFT marketplace is a user-friendly platform for content creators. It is a market made for NFT, where everything is special. This platform allows content creators to mint, buy and sell NFTs.

To access the NFT marketplace:

  • Connect your SafePal wallet to by clicking “Connect to a wallet” on the platform.
  • Select WalletConnect from the pop-up and go ahead and click “Connect”
  • Choose SafePal wallet from the list of wallets that popped up
  • Now you are in, navigate to “NFT Marketplace”.
  • On the NFT Marketplace, you can mint, buy or sell your NFT.

How to mint NFT on BakerySwap.

Minting NFT on BakerySwap involves simple straightforward steps and is less time-consuming. It only requires a little amount of BNB that will cover the minting fee.

  • Select the “NFT Marketplace”
  • In “Digital Artworks:” Select Safety Art
  • Select “Mint Artworks”. At this point, you will be redirected to the “SafePal NFT” site.
  • Select the type of file, image, Gif, Video, audio.
  • Fill in the required information — Artwork Name, Artist Name, Social Media / Portfolio link (optional), and brief Introduction (it is important to fill in the data correctly so that it will be easier to locate your content).
  • Select “Upload artwork image”
  • Choose your file from where it is stored on your device.
  • Select “Mint” (this is when your NFT will be created on the BSC chain)
  • Upon selecting Mint, SafePal will display a pop-up window and ask you to confirm the transaction as shown below:
  • Confirm and pay the fees generated by the transaction, currently around 0.01BNB.
  • Wait a few seconds for the network confirmation.
  • Your NFT will land on the “pending” section
  • You can now find your NFT on “My Artworks” in the “Pending” section.

Once your NFT is approved, you can post it on the NFT Marketplace.

Note the following conditions before uploading your content

  • The supported file formats on BakerySwap are JPG, GIF, VIDEO, and AUDIO.
  • The content weight must be less than 10MB in the case of images and GIFs.
  • If it is an audio or video, it must weigh less than 30MB.
  • Your content must be original.
  • You must have all the right to the content. (generally, the creator must have an absolute right to the content)
  • The content can be removed at any time if plagiarism or sensitive materials are detected.
  • If your content is not approved, the transaction fees are not refundable.

How to sell NFT on BakerySwap marketplace

Once your NFT has been approved, you can locate it on the “My Artworks” section in the NFT Marketplace. At this point, it can be published for sale or auction.

  • Select “Approve NFT supermarket”.
  • A SafePal pop-up window will appear, asking you to confirm the transaction. (This step incurs a transaction fee which can be settled in BNB)
  • Select your preferred option — “ ℹ Auction” or “Sell” and input the desired amount you want to sell your NFT. (Note that all NFTs are sold in Bake token).
  • Select “Confirm”, SafePal transaction confirmation will pop up. Just go ahead and confirm the final transaction.
  • Congratulations! Your NFT is ready for sale and you just have to wait for a buyer.

How to display your NFT within the SafePal Wallet App

Whether you’re new to NFT or am a long term veteran within the NFT space, SafePal wallet is the perfect crypto asset solution for you. The SafePal Wallet app allows users to safely & convenentially secure their crypto assets such as NFTs within them. As a decentralized non-custodial solution, your crypto assets will truly belong to you

Download the SafePal Wallet App

  1. You can download the SafePal Wallet App via this link
  2. Setting up your SafePal Software Wallet via this guide
  3. Setting up your SafePal Hardware Wallet via this guide

Check out the SafePal BakerySwap Guide HERE

Under the Collectibles tab you will be able to see your NFTs within the SafePal Wallet App