Discover the new Featured Artists tab and what’s coming next!

4 min readApr 5, 2021


We introduce you to the BakerySwap “Featured Artists” section and to what is next for our #NFT Supermarket!

  1. Intro

Recently, BakerySwap has experienced a huge usage increase in the #NFT Supermarket. In both, the gamified finance sections (with Pets, Soccer and Combos) and the art sections.

More than 180,000 transactions and 55,000 NFT minted are an example of this growth in demand!

This has also caused a lot of amateur artists and regular users to start their art careers, making it very hard for collectors to find true gems between all the BSC artists catalog.

With time, they will become greater artists, and we will be vigilant to find them and help them. We want to become the greatest incubator of new artists from Binance Smart Chain, and why not, the whole DeFi Space.

2. Creation of the “Featured Artists” section

We have recently introduced search features, likes and profiling, to help collectors find their favorite artists. But with thousands of artworks in the BSC artists exhibition, we felt this wasn’t enough.

That’s why we’ve created the new Featured Artists section, that will include a selection of artists with the potential to grow and develop.

We opened a form 2 weeks ago, and received lots of artist’s submissions. If you think you are ready for the next step in your career, let us know here:


A commission of 3 professional artists is helping us to conduct the process of selection for the applicant artists to be included in this exclusive tab. If you haven’t been selected yet, don’t worry, keep trying and improving your art quality. We want artists with potential also, not all selected artists have to have Instagram accounts of 10k followers or be consolidated ones.

We will open the tab with 8 featured artists.

Here you can see a picture of the new tab:

3. We would like you to introduce the First Series of Artists.

In this first selection, you will find from talented oil painters to 3D motion artists. Here is a brief description of the artists that you will find:

CoralCorp: He tries to reflect a future in which the mind merges with the digital. The sense of individuality is enhanced in worlds without physical limits and it is in that reality where he tries to reflect the future with his art. He likes to hide history, geometry and criticism in it.

Cookie Munster: In each and every one of the paintings that he puts out is a piece of work that will always remind him that impossible is nothing unless we try. These are the works of a self-taught artist after many years of experimenting, observing and learning from other great artists.

srn Art Gallery: srnArtGallery is a union of NFT artists. Most of their artworks are handmade such as watercolor, gouache, acrylic, oil painting, sketch.. They’ve been experimenting with digital painting and gifs for several months.

Chiara Magni: She is an Italian painter, she does oil on canvas with the finger paint method, after a lot of work she started to sell her art around the world. Now she wants to bring her art on the blockchains because she thinks crypto is the future of money and art.

Hamid: He has more +10 years experience in making animation for 2d/3d. He started in 2010 by learning anatomy/animation art, and making exclusive designs for cinema. As an artist/animator, he tries to leave his mark in all his NFT. His art is unique and original, from scratch to final product.

Muwasha iProjects: Art & Creative Direction — Muwasha excels as a Multimedia designer, 3D Motion Graphics, Photo, VideoMapping and Live Visuals.

Irene Cerezo: She is a graphic designer starting in the world of motion graphics. She considers each new project a great opportunity to learn and grow. She always tries to put her heart to every art piece, trying her best to achieve a shocking and quality job. She describes herself as a restless creative with disruptive ideas.

4. What is coming next

We are building a top-class Art Supermarket that will compete with the best, not only due to low fees, but in features and also art quality.

To achieve this, we are working in 4 directions:

Add new Features: From Music and Video support, to multiple-minting, or the inclusion of new formats and sizes.

New communication channel: Artists and collectors speak the “Instagram” language. That’s why we’ve been recently created our new official instagram account: We aim to convert this account in a platform for our artists to get more exposure, and also become a reference in the digital art sector due to our curated content.

Events with the most talented artists: We are preparing the best 3D artists exhibition of Binance Smart Chain history, and maybe one the greatest in the world. This will help us to positionate as a reference art platform. We are convinced that by bringing top quality artists, we would be able to attract also the best art collectors and demand for our artworks, not for the exhibition ones, or the featured artists tab, but also for the whole BSC artists supermarket.

A new redesign: We know that to attract the best, we also need a new redesign that meets the expectations of the best. We have started this journey too.

We hope you are excited as we, the team, are right now.