How to Mint “MuskDoge NFT” on BakerySwap

In order to allow users to participate in the NFT ecosystem more quickly and directly, we have added a new member-MuskDoge NFT to the NFT Supermarket.

Minting an NFT is an easy process. Let’s see the steps.

Step 1:

Go to the NFT supermarket on the top menu. Then press the Tab “Musk & Doge” or link the page through

Step 2:

You will then see the menu options of “Mint Artworks”. Fill in the all the items. Most importantly, certify this is an original artwork. The Bakeryswap team will take down artwork if it is certified to be a copy, at a later date.

Step 3:

Upload the image of your artwork by clicking’+’ in the image upload window. The image requirement is size not more than 10m, 3:4 ratio, and .jpg .png or .gif format. Also tick the declaration of copyright T&C.
Click ‘Mint’ button and wait for approval, and it may take a while.

Step 4:
Once your artwork is approved, you may set the price and your artwork will be listed on the ‘NFT Supermarket’.
You may check it by clicking ‘my artwork’ button from ‘NFT Supermarket’ page.

Mint an MuskDoge NFT charges 0.1 BNB, please do not upload any sensitive content.

We have prepared the Doge&Musk Meme Contest and will give $2000 $BAKE Rewards to 10 Winners. Come and participate the Contest!