How to participate in NFT Release — Mobile edition

BakerySwap is the first AMM and NFT platform on Binance Smart Chain. The NFT gallery section is an arm of BakerySwap’s NFT marketplace which gives users and fans access to artworks created by celebrities featured on BakerySwap. It allows users to either bid or buy any of the displayed NFTs created by their favorite celebrities. Accessing the NFT gallery involves simple and straightforward steps which can be accomplished by anybody.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to connect your wallet to the BakerySwap platform, how to locate the NFT of your choice, how to buy and submit your bid on the NFT gallery.

1. Connecting your wallet to Bakeryswap on a mobile device

The first step is to connect your wallet to the BakerySwap platform. There are many available wallets a user can choose from, such as Trust wallet, SafePal wallet, Metamask, and others. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will use Trust wallet.

To connect your wallet:

  • Open your Trust wallet mobile application.
  • On the DApps section of the app, launch and click “connect”
  • Make sure that the displayed logo on the top right corner is the Binance logo.
  • If you see a different logo, tap the logo and choose the Binance logo. This ensures that you are on the Binance smart chain.
  • If you have followed all the steps above, your wallet is now connected to Bakeryswap and you are ready to move over to the BakerySwap NFT gallery

2. Locating the NFT of your choice on the NFT gallery

There is a search box that allows users to look up their desired artwork with either the name of the creator, title of the NFT, type of file, price, or votes.

  • To access the BakerySwap NFT gallery, touch the menu icon on the platform and select “Bakery Gallery”
  • Once you are in, select “Explore” so that you will be able to choose the artwork of your choice via the search box.
  • You can either search for the name of your favorite artist or the name of a particular NFT.
  • You can streamline your search by choosing the type of file (video, picture, GIF, or audio)
  • You can also search according to time, the number of votes, or price.
  • Once you have located the artwork you want, proceed to either buy outrightly or submit your bid

3. How to buy or bid

Here, a user can either buy an NFT instantly or submit a bid. To buy means that a user is ready and willing to buy a particular artwork at the price set by the creator. In a situation whereby a buyer wants to buy at a different price other than the set price, it is possible to submit a bid at the desired price.

  • To buy your chosen NFT from the gallery, touch the artwork and allow it to display all the necessary information about it.
  • Approve the transaction by selecting “Approve NFT Marketplace”
  • Approve the transaction and proceed.
  • Once the transaction is approved, you can go ahead to buy instantly or submit a bid.
  • Click “buy”
  • If you have enough BAKE to cover the set price of the artwork, go ahead and click “Confirm” and then approve the transaction.
  • If you don’t have enough BAKE to cover the set price, you can submit your bid and state the price you are willing to pay.
  • To do that, click “Bidding” and input the price you are willing to pay.
  • Click “Bidding” again and confirm the transaction.
  • Your bid request will be placed so that if the artwork creator considers your offer, he or she can approve the transaction.

Annexes: Important points to note

  • You must have BNB available in your wallet to process transactions.
  • You must have Bake available in your wallet to pay for the NFT. (This is for featured artists using BakerySwap Gallery and other projects. So, before paying you should verify that you have the token for that specific NFT.)
  • For some projects, it is possible to use tokens other than BAKE to buy the NFTs, so you need to validate the token. (This depends on the associated artists and projects)
  • When offering an auction offer, you should expect the seller to accept it.
  • 5% of the cost of the NFT is automatically deducted as a fee when using BakerySwap.
  • Also, note that the creator can decide to assign a certain percentage of the NFT sales to himself or herself. (This information can be found on the main site of the NFT that you selected)
  • To pay, you must always verify the token for which the artwork is listed. Although, you will generally come across BAKE, others such as Raca can be found.
  • After approving the purchase or sale of an NFT, it cannot be reversed.
  • You must approve the contract in the market or token that you want to buy, to have the option to buy.

All the images on this article were gotten from BakerySwap and Trust wallet.



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