Introducing Bakery NFT Artworks Voting Features

We are thrilled to announce our new feature — Bakery NFT Voting, which will be launched on March 10th, 6:00 AM UTC. You will be able to vote for your favorite artworks and push them to the homepage. The more votes an artwork has, the higher it ranks.

How can you participate in NFT voting?

We can see that there is a “Vote” button in the upper right corner of each NFT (You need to ‘approve vote’ first). When you click the “Vote” button, a popup for voting will appear. Then input the amount of BAKE you want to vote in. 1 vote needs 1 BAKE. You can put in more BAKE if you’d like to give more votes! Then click the “Vote” button in the pop-up to complete the vote, and then your vote will appear in the voted list.

You can also vote for the most popular artworks at BakerySwap directly in the “Hottest Artworks” module on the homepage.

What will NFT owners get?

In addition, we have done some other improvements to the NFT supermarket, which include adding categories for different marketplaces, adding page number features, so that users can jump to a page without keeping click “next”. We will do more improvements to the NFT supermarket and bring more fun things in the near future. Stay tuned!