Introducing $CAR IDO — Blind Boxes of BAKE&BNB Co-branded Rare Car Collection

Real-world exclusive car up for grab as BakerySwap launches a limited edition of Rare Car Collection. The token, $CAR, will be available at Bakery Launchpad (IDO) on the 5th of May.

1. Introduction to $CAR:

As Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) continue their global expansion and mainstream adoption, BakerySwap maintains its stand as a reference platform for all DeFi users’ needs.

With Rare Car Collection, BakerySwap keeps building an innovative approach to Financial NFT, and evolving on NFT and gamification. Besides, to celebrate the growth of $BAKE, $BNB and BSC ecosystem, all the branding regarding the model cars will be inspired in Bakery, Binance or co-branded!

In a nutshell, Rare Car Collection is a compendium of $Car Token with a deflationary model, Token or NFT staking, branded toy car, and the chance to win a real-world car.

The $CAR token can be converted into a Blind Box NFT. Those boxes will contain one of the different Car NFT designs. Three of those Car NFTs will allow the lucky holder to own a real-world exclusive car (with Bakery & Binance co-branding wrapped)! The remaining ones can be converted to physical branded Toy Cars.

2. How the IDO Works

There will be a token representation of these Rare Car collections, named $CAR token.

BakerySwap will issue 1,000 $CAR tokens.

IDO amount: 800 $CAR

Price: 2 $BNB

Hard cap: 1600 $BNB

Single address limit: 20 $BNB

No minimum: Users can buy fractions of $CAR

3. When is the time for $CAR IDO and related events?

May 5th, around 6:00 AM UTC: IDO on Bakery Launchpad (Block height TDB)

May 5th, by 8:00 AM UTC: $CAR token trading, liquidity farming, and $CAR staking

May 5th, by 8:00 AM UTC: Blind-Boxes minting and $CAR NFT staking

Real-world branded Tesla Car delivering: TDB

Physical branded Tesla Toy Cars delivery: TDB

4. What to do with $CAR tokens and the NFTs.

  • $CAR tokens will be listed on BakerySwap AMM exchange for trading and liquidity farming after IDO.
  • $CAR tokens can be staked for $BAKE rewards.
  • One $CAR can be minted into one Blind-Box NFT.
  • One Blind-Box NFT can be opened to win a random $CAR NFT, the designs of the Cars are as follows:
  • Car NFT can also be used to farm $BAKE and can be traded on the NFT supermarket.
  • Users can lock $CAR into $CAR NFT to enhance the staking power of the $CAR NFT.
  • These $CARs are not just only NFTs that can be collected, traded, and staked. Three of the $CAR NFTs will allow the lucky holder to own a real-world exclusive car (with Bakery & Binance cobranding wrapped)! The remaining $CAR NFTs can be converted to physical branded Tesla toy cars which can be delivered physically to any location in the world. This will happen when you choose to burn the $CAR NFT.

There are lots of possibilities in just a single Token!