Masterminds of Hip Hop NFT Collection

2 min readSep 7, 2021


Mystery Box Drop 1 of 3 Sale on BakerySwap

Masterminds of Hip Hop NFT

Mystery Box Sale on BakerySwap at 9/8 13:00 PM — 9/14 13:00 PM UTC

Masterminds of Hip Hop NFT Mystery Box Sale

Total Issued: 10,000

Price: 50 USDT

Time: 9/8 13:00 PM — 9/14 13:00 PM UTC

Sales link:

Drop 1 contains 8 of 27 NFTs in Collection 1

Below are the details for the Masterminds of Hip Hop Mystery box drop 1.

How to buy:

1.Enter and connect your wallet.

Select the “buy” option and confirm. Then you will get in the Masterminds of Hip Hip NFT collection. Each Mystery Box is a random selection of one of the 8 NFTs in drop 1.

2.You can buy and also trade with other fans the MMOHH NFTs at “BakerySwap — NFT Marketplace — TOKAU NFT”

3.You can check and preview your NFT on the TOKAU Dapp website personal center.

Rule Introduction

1. The Masterminds of Hip Hop NFT collection, set 1 will be delivered in 3 separate drops total. All 3 drops will be completed before October 9, 2021. We will announce the dates for drop 2 and drop 3 shortly.

2. Every person who collects all 8 unique NFTS for drop 1 will qualify to win 2000 USD/USDT. To participate, please email your wallet address once you have collected all 8 NFTs for drop 1 to by September 15, 2021 at 3 am UTC. TOKAU will select one (1) lucky winner for the drop 1 raffle on September 21, 2021 at 1 pm UTC.

About Masterminds of Hip Hop NFT Collection (Set 1)

Masterminds of Hip Hop is the first NFT collection created for and by the original pioneers of Hip Hop. Featuring iconic music artists and the legends of Hip Hop.

Masterminds of Hip Hop aims to give back, celebrate and champion the original musicians that helped create the multi-billion dollar industry of what we now know as Hip Hop today.

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