Meet Bakery Featured Artists: Today (01) CoralCorp, with over 30 NFT sold at BakerySwap.

As Bakeryswap continues to provide conducive platform where NFT creators sell their artworks, CoralCorp — One of the finest artists with over 30 NFTs sold on Bakeryswap talks about his success story on BakerySwap NFT marketplace

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are a recent technological development which has gained immense traction over the past months. With big names splashing millions of dollars on NFTs, it makes sense to say that this is one of the hottest trends in the crypto and blockchain ecosystem lately. Like every other technological development, NFTs have some challenges to conquer in order to gain absolute global adoption. One of the biggest challenges NFTS face is the problem of an illiquid market. There are many available marketplaces for NFT trading but these marketplaces have more sellers than buyers and this is a big issue for NFT creators who find it very difficult to sell their artworks. With over 240,000 transactions, 70,000 NFT minted and different intriguing NFT features, Bakeryswap has proven to be among the top marketplaces proffering solutions to the issue of illiquidity.

In this interview, CoralCorp talked about his success story on BakerySwap NFT marketplace.

CoralCorp is one of the finest Architects from Argentina, an alumnus of University of Córdoba and one of the most successful NFT creators on BakerySwap. CoralCorp has sold a total of 39 out of 46 NFTs minted on Bakeryswap NFT marketplace with some of his arts being resold for a mind-blowing higher price. One of his sold artworks is second to most liked artworks on Bakeryswap and it’s currently listed by the buyer for 89,898 BAKES.

Tell us about yourself.

My name is CoralCorp, I am from Santiago de Chile. I studied architecture in Argentina, from the Faculty of architecture, urbanism and design, at the National University of Córdoba. I am interested in art in all its variables, and I know the entire history of art. My dream is to create something new that transcends mere expectations and breaks paradigms and prejudices.

Because NFT marketplaces are not yet adequately liquid, one of the biggest challenges with NFTs is how to sell artworks. How did you overcome this?

At the initial stage, I investigated all the existing NFT platforms and decided to avoid all platforms on the ethereum network because, for a beginner, the mere fact of paying outrageous fees on the network is already a limitation.

I discovered BakerySwap when they still had many errors, but the simple fact that it runs on the Binance smart chain and that the commissions were low motivated me to choose it.

In the beginning I practically gave away my work as I wanted to create a name more than the money. My artworks were sold for a little amount of money but as time went on, the cost and also the quality of my works increased.

I still believe that I am in that process of value discovering. A good sign for me is when a buyer treasures a work and does not sell it. What does that mean? In some way I feel indebted, so I constantly try to raise the quality of my works in order to stand out so that any work that is associated with “CoralCorp” is more valued. Although it is a quest that requires “Blood, effort, tears and sweat”.

Tell us about your upcoming projects

I am currently creating the “Time Donut Art” series. The essence of this is to tell the history of art which is always linked with a wink to the cryptographic world, important cities, and outstanding artistic genres. Although I am still in Rome, the most interesting things happened in the past years. After 1900 there was an exploration of styles that are still retained in the current times.

What’s your experience with Bakeryswap NFT Marketplace like?

I am one of those who celebrate every improvement on the platform, but despite the fact that it is constantly being improved, it still has a long way to go.

I hope they not only try to be one of the many, but I like to think that they are working to be number one among so much competitors

What advice can you give to upcoming artists who are eager to launch their NFTs on Bakeryswap.

First you have to be aware that it is a technology in development and no one knows its full potential. Sometimes I think it would be great if BakerySwap brings out a virtual 3d platform to use as a gallery, but just my idea.

Another thing is to be consistent with yourself, and ask yourself if your art has value, will people like it?

If not, the only thing that is achieved is to make the platform worse.

No one buys anything that is not even linked to a page or that could be easily stolen from the internet. Take care of your image, your portfolio, your networks, and your name.

Furthermore, trust yourself and your qualities, analyze what you are good at, what makes you stand out from the rest and enhance it.

Also, make sure that your art means something, that it has a motive, as a generator axis that helps you determine your essence as an artist.

Finally, I trust you and I wish you the best.

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