Meet Bakery Featured Artists: Today (02) Mr Anderson, also a popular Latvian YouTuber.

As NFTs continue to gain more traction in the crypto ecosystem, Davis, a popular YouTuber in Latvia and one of the most successful NFT creators on BakerySwap talks about BakerySwap NFT marketplace and his journey into the NFT world.

With NFTs gaining relevance in major areas of human endeavor such as social networks, E-commerce, Gaming, Fashion, and so many other aspects, BakerySwap remains a user-friendly platform for NFT activities.

An NFT is a non-duplicable digital certificate of ownership that represents a specific digital asset.

In order to facilitate global NFT adoption, offer educational platforms, and promote seasoned and promising artists, BakerySwap launched a weekly interview session with successful artists who have left indelible marks in the DeFi ecosystem.

In this week’s edition, we present to you Davis, a renowned YouTuber, and a successful NFT creator.

It’s a pleasure having you with us today. Please can you give us a precise introduction of yourself?

My name is Davis, I am from Latvia, Riga. I mostly do animation and jokes. I started out by creating 2D cartoons about a drunk in Eastern Europe named Peter, which naturally became one of the most popular YouTube things in Latvia at that time. You can find those on YouTube by searching ‘Pētera dzīve’, but you shouldn’t do that, ever. From there I started doing more and more projects, both commercial and personal, and then arrived at 3D, motion design, and NFTs.

How did you become an artist?

I hated 3D and art in general for most of my life and I guess you become what you hate, haha!

What are the major challenges with NFTs?

Probably education about blockchain, the economy in general, and what gives things value.

How can you describe the BakerySwap NFT marketplace?

To me, it’s the most accessible and fastest-growing NFT marketplace that I know of. The team seems nice. A big part of why I decided to mint an NFT here was the lower gas fees. Also, I like the name Bakery, very fitting for 3D stuff.

What is the next project you are working on?

Some kind of 3D motion design with cats, candy, or ice cream. Also, I like old soviet architecture, I might make something with that.

Many young and upcoming artists out there want to be successful. What advice can you give them?

Study me, I am the biggest art genius in the world. Also a very humble person, haha!

More seriously, though, probably something like ‘don’t be afraid to experiment and fail a lot, don’t try to follow what others are doing just because it worked for them’.