Meet Bakery Featured Artists: Today (06) Muwasha iProjects, Motion Graphics designer & photography lover.

4 min readMay 28, 2021


Rubén Guirado, founder of Muwasha iProjects in an interview session with BakerySwap, the first DeFi exchange platform that provides both AMM and NFT Marketplace on Binance Smart Chain talks about the various challenges NFT creators face and how to overcome them.

Bakeryswap is not only interested in providing the platform where digital artists meet collectors, this great platform also leads the way in providing adequate education and information in the world of NFT and other issues that concern decentralized finance. Over the weeks, Bakeryswap through its interview sessions has given many legendary artists the opportunity to market themselves globally and provide essential information that has boosted the morale of upcoming artists.

In the week’s edition, Rubén Guirado talked about what it means to become a digital artist, the challenges, and the way forward.

Rubén Guirado is a Spanish artist, a seasoned motion graphics and 3D designer who also founded the Muwasha iProjects.

Thanks for joining us today. Please can you give us a precise introduction of yourself?

Thanks to you for counting on me! Muwasha iProjects is the personal and business project of Rubén Guirado, a young entrepreneur from southern Spain who since 2003 has been dedicated to the audiovisual world, focusing his activity mainly on the creation of visuals for artists shown within urban and electronic music. He is a professional in Motion Graphics and 3D, but also a lover of photography and design.

Why did you decide to become an artist?

I think that being an artist is not something that has to be decided, but that it is born within you and from a very early age. It is easier to discover if the people around you support and flow with your vision and create a conducive environment for creativity.

What are the major challenges with NFTs and how do you overcome them?

One of the biggest challenges you can find in the Metaverse is when trying to sell a piece, especially if you are not a well-known artist. You have to move around the networks, you have to be a verified artist and try to make collectors see in you an artistic background for a career and not just a fashion or that you only want to sell art. They should see that you love what you do.

How do you see BakerySwap NFT marketplace?

Bakery Gallery is an easily accessible place for artists of all kinds. It allows us to Mint works within the BSC, where gas fees are low. It also allows us to work comfortably with BNB and the currency in which you receive your rewards or the sale of your works is the $Bake. That is why it is very accessible since it is already on Binance, and on most swaps and exchanges.

What is the next project you are working on?

I am working on several new collections, with a more collectible nuance. This is an asset that we must play since these types of collections are more accessible, and on the other hand, they increase the visibility of the artist when you bet on the image of a specific coin, or when you work in a specific network such as the BSC.

So many young and upcoming artists out there want to be successful. What advice do you have for them?

That’s simple. They should do what they love, and they should not create art with the intention of selling it, since the more you focus your energy on selling, the less you will achieve it. You must do what you feel, you must believe in something that gives you satisfaction as an artist. You must love your work, you should not do things because others like or dislike them, or because you copy the style or formula of other artists with the only goal to sell an NFT. Be yourself and believe in yourself.




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