Meet Bakery Featured Artists: Today (07) Custom Horror, the VR & 3D art innovator.

4 min readJun 4, 2021


“If you spend time doing art, your art will inevitably become better over time.” David, a seasoned artist and the founder of Custom Horror in an interview with BakerySwap talked about what it takes to become a successful artist.

As the world of NFTs also known as digital arts continues to evolve and attract the attention of many people including celebrities from different aspects of human endeavor, becoming a successful artist has become a desirable goal for many individuals. Some people argue that becoming an artist is not just a decision one makes just because he sees painting as a lucrative adventure but should be a decision based on passion. According to Bob Ross, “All you need to paint is a few tools, a little instruction, and a vision in your mind.”

In this week’s edition of BakerySwap’s interview session, David, the founder of Custom horror talks about what becoming a successful artist requires and how he fell in love with BakerySwap.

Thanks for honoring our invitation. Please can you tell us about yourself?

Hi, thank you for having me. I’m David, a playful kid that never really grew up. That’s how I feel today as a 38-year-old.

My alter ego Custom Horror was born in 2008 when I decided I’d dedicate my life to my art. I was in sort of a soul-searching place in my life and I realized that I had always drawn all sorts of characters and that it made me feel good. Today I do expressive characters with a very intuitive and playful approach… and to my surprise… I’m now painting in VR, rendering 3D models, and animating. I also do most of the music for my creations myself. I was just recently convinced to try out painting in VR, it blew me away, and about the same time, the NFT hype hit me. It was around March. And things really quickly escalated for me from there. It’s really exciting to be where I am right now as an artist. I think a lot of artists feel the same right now.

Some people argue that artistry is an innate skill and not a skill that should be acquired based on just personal decisions. What is your take on this?

I believe the craft can be learned like any other craft. If you spend time doing art, your art will inevitably become better over time. But I also believe some people will feel terrible if they don’t create art or feel that creating art gives meaning to their life. I think that drive may be the innate artist you refer to. I wanna say that those types of people have an edge over someone who just decides to do art without having that innate craving. But in the end, wherever the motivation comes from, spending time doing it is the only sure way for growth.

How can we measure the success of an artist?

I’m the type of artist that just feels good about my life when I create art. And I feel quite the opposite if I somehow get distracted from that fact. So to me, success is to make room for art in my life as much as possible. Another measure is of course if you can acquire income from your art so that you have more time focusing on doing your art instead of side-jobs.

How did you come in contact with Bakeryswap and what is your experience so far with the platform?

The topic of too high gas fees on the ethereum network somehow led to BakerySwap and Binance chain NFTs. I was already trying to access several platforms on ethereum, so the prospect of lower minting fees and the fact that Bakeryswap still seemed new, got me excited and gave me a sense that I could make an impact and get some attention on this platform. So I quickly started minting and bugging your team to feature me on Bakery Gallery. I have been well received by you and your team and collectors as well. Is this where I write tons of hearts? I think so ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

What is the next project you are working on?

I’m constantly experimenting and trying new things out within VR painting, rendering, and animation. I still try to keep it playful, so I don’t plan much. So I don’t really have any details on the next piece. I may be able to finish a piece for your World Environment Day on June 5th. No promises!

What can you say to your fans out there?

Thank you to each one of you! I feel blessed that my creations, which give me so much meaning and happiness, are appreciated by people around the world. It’s amazing.