Meet Bakery Featured Artists: Today (16) Andrés Pascal (ToyBoy), the Architect, Musician & Urban artist

5 min readOct 1, 2021

Andrés Pascal — an Architect, Musician, Urban artist, and one of the finest digital artists on the BakerySwap platform shares the story about his journey into the NFT realm, his view about the future of digital arts and his experiences with the platform.

The aspect of blockchain technology known as Non-Fungible Token (NFT) has continued to see excessive interest from different calibers of blockchain enthusiasts as it continues to be the hottest topic among these individuals.

To propagate the understanding of NFTs through massive awareness and education for faster global adoption, the BakerySwap platform adopts a means of unveiling upcoming digital artists and promoting professional artists through weekly interviews.

In this week’s edition, Andrés Pascal shares the story of his journey into digital artistry, the future of NFTs, and the BakerySwap platform.

Andrés Pascal is a seasoned architect, musician, and urban artist who hails from Santiago de Chile. He is one of the founding members of a Chilean collection known as Toyboy.

Check his BakerySwap profile here:

Thanks for joining us today. Please, can you tell us about yourself?

Hi, thank you for the invitation that we have been waiting for. My name is Andrés Pascal aka Estro from ToyBoy.

I’m an Architect, Musician, and Urban artist from Santiago de Chile. Toyboy is a Chilean collection formed by three members, I, Diego, and Gabriel. Diego Llancapichun aka Hi.hox is an Illustrator and Graphic designer from La Union, Chile. Gabriel Carrillo aka Ostter is a student and 3D modeler from Los Angeles, Chile. The three of us love art, video games.

We would like to know more about your journey into digital artistry

I love digital art (even more than traditional art), since I was a kid, I have been consuming digital art (for me the future of art is undeniably digital). About producing digital art, I got my approach from architecture (learned how to use different programs for illustration and 3D modeling, and I always keep searching for new software and techniques). In the case of Hi.hox, he studied Graphic Design, so he is the real master of illustrations and vectors in the team. What I love most about him is his style and signature that is strongly defined.

Latter is still in school, he is an autodidact with 3D modeling knowledge from the web. Next year, he is joining a 3D design career in the university. For me, he is a raw diamond and I believe that if he focuses on his art, he can become a future promise of 3D art.

How did you venture into NFTs on the BakerySwap platform?,

Is a nice and long story. We met 2 years ago in the urban music circuit. I told Hi.hox that I wanted to make Art Toys and wanted to work with him creating a Collective figure for a famous Chilean Trap Artist (Polimá Westcoast). We started working and I invited OstteOsteroin the group to help us with the 3D model. We developed 51 figures but when I despatched them, they didn’t like it (the result of the toys made by resin copies wasn’t 100% optimum as the prototype). It was our first project and I wanted to make it happen, so we arranged a lower price deal which resulted in a loss of 1000 dollars for me.

In parallel, I was inside the crypto world and just joined BakerySwap farm. I told the guys that we could try to sell the card that we designed for the Art Toy as an NFT to recover the loss. I minted our first NFT and it got sold the same day. We decided to stop this first card NFT production and develop only our original characters in cards and toys NFT format.

How many artworks have you sold on BakerySwap so far?

We have sold 29 NFTs until today. We always drop our NFTs at affordable prices. When we started, we decided to make drops of 3 copies of every design (except for some special cards) to achieve cheaper prices for our supporters (have in mind that we split all our incomes in 3). The idea was to have more people owning our creations. In the last period, we figured out that we don’t have more than 30 supporters, and we were having problems selling the last copies of our NFTs. Right now, we are working on dropping only exclusive copies because we think that this makes it more special to the owners.

Our Twitter handle is @ToyBoyFab

What’s your experience with the BakerySwap platform like?

We are grateful to BakerySwap especially because they made us one of the featured artists. As I said before, I started on BakerySwap farming and when I saw the possibility to mint our NFT through the platform, my head exploded. I believe in the BakerySwap project, and even though I think they have many things to improve, I am pleased to see the work and the constant upgrades that are being done on the platform. I hope that the platform, the community, and the artists continue to grow.

Kind regards to Ajmal and Luis who have helped me a lot when I had technical doubts.

What’s your opinion about the future of NFTs?

I think Blockchain technology is the future, for this reason, NFTs are the future too. The only variant that can destroy this would be that natural disasters kill us or send us back to the stone age. But before this happens, the most logical path is that humankind’s traditional systems evolve to blockchain technology. Nowadays we can see centralized systems frighteningly boycotting these new decentralized systems that threaten their economies and power structures. NFT games can give you greater earnings than the traditional salary of a profession you studied for years. When I see this kind of event, I think that in the future any property will evolve into the NFT system.

What are you working on currently?

Right now we are finishing the BSG2 and CT series. After that, we want to start working on a series with a specific thematic that allows us to develop a big ecosystem of fantasy. We are also always open to collaborations with other artists and projects. Finally, our future ambition is focused on being able to work with NFTs with utility, mystery box systems, and gamification.

What can you say to your admirers out there?

We are extremely grateful for the support you have given us. We want to continue working to make our project stronger for all of you. So that in the future you can be proud of believing in us from the start and get earnings from that support.