Meet Bakery Featured Artists: Today Sturec (12) the multifaceted & abstract artist!

Sturec, a multifaceted artist in an interview with BakerySwap, the first DeFi exchange platform that provides both AMM and NFT Marketplace on Binance Smart Chain, opens up on why her digital arts stand out on the BakerySwap platform.

BakerySwap has maintained its mandate as the reference place for all DeFi users’ needs by providing services like AMM (Automatic Market Maker) where users can exchange tokens, stake them, or do liquidity farming, an IDO Launchpad, that provides initial coin offerings from selected quality projects to early investors, and the NFT Marketplace that allows participants to mint or trade artworks and other gamified NFT items.

The BakerySwap NFT marketplace has remained the top NFT marketplace on the Binance Smart Chain protocol and has attracted legendary artists and iconic celebrities. With the level of artists and quality of arts on the platform, becoming a successful digital artist requires extraordinary skills and diligence from the part of an artist in order to stand out from the league of creative artists on the BakerySwap platform. In this week’s interview session with Sturec, she talked about the qualities that put her on the top.

Sturec is a digital animator with a background in engineering and design. She was born in Izmir, Turkey but is really a global citizen that has lived and studied across continents in cities like Paris, Istanbul, and Bangkok. Her artistic background is as diverse as her upbringing and includes experiences in design, technology, engineering, and tattooing. She has participated in organized exhibitions and workshops across the globe notably in Paris and Istanbul. Her technical background often reflects in her artwork which is often abstract in nature.

Thanks for joining us today. Can you tell us about yourself?

Hello and thanks for having me. I am Sturec, a multifaceted artist with a background in engineering. I was following the NFT world back in 2018 but I entered the crypto art scene back in mid-2019. At the time, I was tattooing, painting, and trading but I was definitely looking for an art section in the blockchain world and what I wanted was a place where it is calm, friendly, and involves weirdly creative people. My works are mostly illustrations and generative animations but always heavily influenced by geometry.

You made mention that you are a “multifaceted” artist. Please we would like to know more about those facets and why you decided to add digital artistry as one of them.

Of course. I always tried to find a career that not only suits but also inspires me. Tried a multitude of different crafts and tried to tie them all together all the time. My technical side added up to my traditional artist soul and brought me to this day as a digital artist who is just in love with the new technologies. I use different principles from my background all in my digital artistry, such as coding, engineering, fine art, graphic design, tattooing.

What do you think makes your digital arts on BakerySwap outstanding?

Currently, my style on BakerySwap is specifically generative artwork loop animations. I entered the rabbit hole of dark loops which have stories in them and tried to apply multiple forms of thought and intelligence to the creations. They encourage the viewer to be more curious about the work and push them to think deeply about their inner world.

Why did you Choose BakerySwap over other platforms?

I have been minting my works on Ethereum Ecosystem for a long time and I have been here for a long time, so I always follow the updates in the NFT world. BakerySwap is the most powerful platform on BSC with great aspects, first of all, the platform design is super user-friendly, transactions are super fast. Even though the gallery section does not have pools, I think the platform which connects DeFi and NFT is really powerful and outstanding.

Is it possible for you to tell us about the next project you are working on?

Currently, I am working on a couple of projects at the same time. I am working on a special drop for BakerySwap which tries to bring up the beauties and ugliness of conflicts in our lives. It is a 3D animation work series. Also, I am working on 2 NFT collectibles for BSC and ETH ecosystems.

What advice do you have for upcoming artists?

I think the most important thing is to be yourself and definitely not greedy. Also, upcoming artists should be always keeping up with blockchain technology since it is rapidly changing and evolving. It is really important to make what you like, not what the buyer likes. Because if you do not like what you create and just do it to sell, you will reflect that feeling to your work.

Thanks for your time and sincere discussion with us

Thank you so much, it is really special to be a part of the BakerySwap family.