New Featured Artists join the #BakeryGallery.

Hello Fè — Federica Sutti, Mojtaba, Inkciar, Monica Hee Eun and Flemmevandam.

3 min readDec 10, 2021

Welcome talent to Binance Smart Chain!

Bakery Gallery brings you the best, versatile, and trending digital art from worldwide. We take this opportunity to introduce you to five artists and invite you to visit to discover their artworks.

We take pride in introducing our new featured artists, whom we hope will bring versatile and extraordinary art to you. They have used different mediums and ideas to create

Outstanding artworks and have the potential to evolve to the best.

We welcome the following artists:

Fè — Federica Sutti: Federica Sutti, also known as Fè, is an Italian artist based in Milan. She is fascinated by the contemporary, complex, and messed-up world we live in. Creating artworks helps her think about contemporary issues, common dreams, and desires. Fè has no preconception on what art should be and approaches each project differently, experimenting freely with numerous techniques. Exploring new means and tools keeps her alive and very happy.

Mojtaba: Seyed Mojtaba Hashemi studied civil engineering at university. He was always very interested in art and graphics. He decided to pursue his interest and follow it seriously.

In the beginning, he practiced graphics part-time and out of interest. But since 2017, he has made a serious decision to work in this field. In the most challenging conditions, nothing made me give up his interest. He always tried to challenge himself with the latest design methods of the world. He is very interested in working in this profession. He enjoys guiding and helping people at the beginning of the path.

Inkciar: Inkciar (Iciar) is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Barcelona in constant development. She is very curious to explore new tools and ideas and bases her pillars on Illustration and Tattoo.

Her creations start with a concept, and she tries to develop codes on the mental image she finds traveling through that concept. She is emotional, critical, and analytical, and these values reflect in her NFTs.

Monica Hee Eun: Monica is a Danish/South Korean visual artist. She is a versatile artist interested in both digital and traditional paintings. Monica also extends her artistic expression to the field of tattoos.

Monica is fascinated by our primal drives — how they have advanced us to the very top of the food chain, how they keep us thriving and evolving. She is also curious about how these drives can be detrimental to ourselves and everyone around us if circumstances lead to excess.

In her artistic expression, she tries to find a balance between raw, primal energy and an appealing allure that she believes can create the best visceral tension to fit the themes that excite or astonish the viewer.

Flemmevandam: Flemmevandam is a 19 years old ex-engineering student and future designer. Recently he got six different scholarships from Italy in the design branch. He makes 3d art animation as a hobby. Moreover, He is a BAKE holder and would be glad to support the community with his NFT’s. He loves adding easter eggs into his work and relates the art pieces one to another to make noise, not just pictures.

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