New Featured Artists join the #BakeryGallery. Hello Victoria, Creiaskeera, Adrián, Jakub, Zen & Accard!

Welcome talent to Binance Smart Chain!

At Bakery Gallery we keep the focus on bringing you the best digital art. Our curators proactively search between our open NFT Marketplace and other top platforms, to attract the best talent. This week we introduce you to 6 artists, and invite you to visit to discover their artworks.


Victoria Poirier: Victoria Poirier a.k.a. Ponio is a multidisciplinary designer, floating in 3D space. She creates interiors and contemporary still life where she shows objects, evoking a moment in time, either past or future.

Creiaskeera: Creiaskeera is a 3D artist, who is in love with the versatility of art. His pieces are based on dark and deep atmospheres. His works are Meaningless, harmonic and aggressive compositions.

Adrián Balastegui: Adrian Balastegui is an illustrator and 2D animator from Barcelona, Spain. His works focus mainly on characters and dreamlike worlds. He creates fictitious tribes inspired by those around the world, combining it with vivid colors.He is influenced by artists like Moebius or Katushiro Otomo.

Jakub Hader: Jakub Hader is a full time new media artist from Poland with over 10 years of Digital media art experience. He is focused on visual programming environments and realtime generative art. His video pieces contain music composed on eurorack modular synth.

He runs a TikTok channel in polish language about NFT for creators to educate about NFT space and technology.

Zen: Zen is a Spanish contemporary visual artist, crypto artist, art director and graphic designer specialising in sci-fi and retro-futuristic themes.

Accard1: Accard1 is a 3d motion graphic artist based in Zurich. Feeding his soul by creating experimental audiovisuals.

Stay tuned for our next upcoming drops at Bakery Gallery!




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