Thomas, Sergi, Horror, Christos, Gonzalo & Martin: Welcome to Bakery Gallery.

Two weeks ago we launched Bakery Gallery. We are achieving all the goals set, specially those related to increase average transaction volume. The 3D event gave also a boost, and most of the artworks sold out between $2,400 and $20,000.

We will continue to push this strategy, and, upgrading artists from Open Supermarket to Featured Artists (and having the chance to exhibit at Bakery Gallery), plays a key role.

It’s a pleasure to introduce you to our new generation of Featured Artists at BakerySwap. Three of them are old bakery acquaintances, as Thomas, Sergi and Gonzzzalo participated in the 3D event, showing impressive 3D skills.


Thomas Pomarelle: Thomas Pomarelle is a French designer and creator of the Grolar Playground. The playground is an ongoing artistic project, a virtual world based on our culture and reality. The playground has a constantly growing urban environment, an amusement park inside a city. Second it’s a digital brand enclosed in this environment, producing fresh content with a twist on sports and cultural objects.

Sergi Stamp: Sergi Stamp art contains a lot of different styles, from minimal architecture to surrealism and sci-fi. Sergi Stamp believes concept and message is first and then everything (including style) needs to adapt to that. Sergi Stamp like doing different collections of images mostly in 3D using Cinema4D and Octane

Custom Horror: Custom Horror creates artworks based on happy, dark, nonsensical and grotesque intuitions. He uses hasty strokes, random details and an intuitive approach which renders a wide-reaching inimitable style.

Christos Panagos ( 3dots): 3Dots is a rendering studio, focusing so far into the architecture field but pretty curious to explore. 3Dots have mainly focused on CG architectural imagery during the last 10 years, but we have always been intrigued by the opportunities that can be created, while we are exploring the entire digital space, not only the architecture field, because most of all, we are artists and we love art.

Gonzzzalo: Gonzalo Miranda is an Art Director & 3d artist living and working in Madrid. His works vary within different branches of Design with a deep sense of space, lighting and composition usually used in advertising, product and interior design. Gonzalo has worked with agencies & studios from all over the world to create images that catch your eye. Inspired by architecture, technologies, interior and industrial design, he merges multiple fields to give life to surreal imagery.

Martin Zucchini : Martin Zucchini is a French artist who designs contemporary portraits in his unique style, playing on the elegance of feminine lines and strong brush strokes to facet, like a lapidary cutting a precious stone, powerful portraits. He exhibited his paintings in various places in France including the famous carrousel du Louvre.

Hope you enjoyed this introduction, and feel free to visit their artworks at Featured Artists tab on Bakery Marketplace, or directly at

Stay tuned for new NFT Marketplace upgrades, as we keep developing the leading marketplace on Binance Smart Chain.



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