Tutorial: Make Your Combos on BakerySwap

  • Your Combos, Earned BAKEs, and Staking Power are displayed on ‘My Combos’.
  • There are two windows on the top of the page where you may Stake, Unstake or Harvest your BAKEs.
  • Select one of the Combos to approve your NFT BLP for farming by clicking the ‘Approve Food BLP’ button.
  • You can also decompose your Combo to get your BAKE back.
  • Combo Staking, 10x
  • BAKE Staking pool, 5x
  • USDT-BUSD pool, 2x
  • BAKE-BNB pool, 12x
  • BAKE-BUSD pool, 12x
  • BUSD-BNB pool, 3x
  • BAKE-DOT pool, 2x
  • ETH-BNB pool, 1x
  • BTC-BNB pool, 1x
  • DOT-BNB pool, 1x
  • LINK-BNB pool, 1x
  • Burning pool, 270x




Website: https://www.bakeryswap.org/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/bakery_swap

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Website: https://www.bakeryswap.org/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/bakery_swap

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