Tutorial: Make Your Combos on BakerySwap

3 min readSep 28, 2020


Making Your Own NFT Combos

1. You can find a ‘Combo’ button from the homepage, click it.

2. There are four tiers of combos from basic to Supreme, please look into the details of them before your participation.

3. Check BAKE balance in your wallet and make sure there is enough BAKE for the combo you‘d like to order.

4. Enter an amount of BAKE that you want to participate in, click ‘Make my Combo’ botton, then authorise the transaction from your wallet.

5. Once the transaction is complete, your Combo is made.

6. Meanwhile, you can check the Staking Power of your Combo which will grant you on farming.

NFT Combo Staking

  • Your Combos, Earned BAKEs, and Staking Power are displayed on ‘My Combos’.
  • There are two windows on the top of the page where you may Stake, Unstake or Harvest your BAKEs.
  • Select one of the Combos to approve your NFT BLP for farming by clicking the ‘Approve Food BLP’ button.
  • You can also decompose your Combo to get your BAKE back.

How to play with your Combos?

There are 4 kinds of combos: Basic, Regular, Luxury, and Supreme.

10000–20000 BAKE:Basic

20000–50000 BAKE:Regular

50000–100000 BAKE:Luxury

Above 100000 BAKE:Supreme

To compose a combo, you need to contribute BAKE, and the more BAKE you contribute, the higher tier combo you will have, which generates the higher staking power.

The Algorithm is:

Staking Power = R * B

R = a random number generated when composing a Combo

B = the amount of BAKE contributed for composing a Combo

To protect the interests of our participants, we develop the “decompose” function so that each NFT can be decomposed back to BAKE. With this feature, you may decompose the NFT and get 90% of the BAKE you contributed back.

The reward multiplier for Bakery Combo is 10x, and all multipliers become:

  • Combo Staking, 10x
  • BAKE Staking pool, 5x
  • USDT-BUSD pool, 2x
  • BAKE-BNB pool, 12x
  • BAKE-BUSD pool, 12x
  • BUSD-BNB pool, 3x
  • BAKE-DOT pool, 2x
  • ETH-BNB pool, 1x
  • BTC-BNB pool, 1x
  • DOT-BNB pool, 1x
  • LINK-BNB pool, 1x
  • Burning pool, 270x

In the next version, your combos can be traded on the market. If you were lucky enough to get a combo with high staking power at a low cost, you can sell it to others to make a profit.

Learning the BAKE basic farming tutorial please come to the link: https://medium.com/@BakerySwap/bake-farming-tutorial-476b1bbcdd89.