We are expanding our Bakery Team!

BakerySwap is experiencing an unprecedented growth

After experiencing an incredible Q1 growth, and after expanding to new products and services during Q2, BakerySwap needs to strengthen their team in order to be in a better position to keep this pace, and to achieve new goals and challenges.

In 2021, our Exchange has achieved daily trading volumes over $100M, with a TVL of around $400M. Our NFT Marketplace is leading the NFT sector with close to 400,000 transactions and over 100,000 NFT mints since inception. Beside we launched Bakery Gallery, which is organizing more and more top events, like the recent 3D Top artists event. Our Gamification zone has also seen an exponential in both projects and excitement from the community, with Cryptodoggies leading the pack. Cryptodoggies has also been our greatest IDO success, experiencing a 30x price performance, and a huge social media dominance, getting over 100,000 followers in less than 3 weeks cracking the LunarCRUSH rankings.

The market is still strong despite recent market corrections

The number of new users joining networks like Binance Smart Chain keeps growing and growing, like the interest from investors in DeFi products such as Trading or Staking, or the attention from new investors in NFT collectibles and trading.

But also more and more competitors are joining the space, which gives us an extra motivation to keep delivering and improving our products. In this context we feel a stronger team that matches our current unprecedented growth can help us to maintain and even improve our current privileged situation.

Credit of the picture: Jerne Furman

Which roles are we looking at

1. NFT Project Manager

As an NFT project manager at Bakery, you will have to, amongst others:

  • Organize top NFT events with relevant artists and analyze NFT collaboration proposals.
  • Prospect the market to keep adding the best quality content to our marketplace or do periodically benchmarks to identify best practices in the NFT market.
  • Coordinate with the social media team to provide the best content possible for our audience across all channels.
  • Generate reporting and analyze the use of NFT Marketplace and Bakery Gallery to improve our decision-taking


  • Deep knowledge about the digital art sector and experience in collaborating with NFT projects.
  • Social media skills, including experience in managing discord servers.

Apply for the NFT Project Manager position here: https://forms.gle/kNYS1Cy487Wdi6q18

2. Content Manager

As a Content Manager at Bakery, you will have to, amongst others:

  • Write articles about our upcoming top events, activities and partnerships.
  • Educate our users and community in Bakery services and products.
  • Make it easy for our community to learn better about our ecosystem and our unique one-stop DeFi approach, including all the gamification stuff.
  • Coordinate with Design Artists to generate new content and activities, like contests or community interactions.


  • Deep knowledge DeFi and NFT sector, and experience in collaborating with blockchain news outlets.
  • Having a portfolio of a minimum of 4–5 articles is a must.
  • Great storytelling skills.
  • Motivated, efficient, and adaptable.

Apply for the Content Manager position here: https://forms.gle/B8kR9dmDCigBcLaw7




Website: https://www.bakeryswap.org/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/bakery_swap

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Website: https://www.bakeryswap.org/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/bakery_swap

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