Guide to Getting Bonus Codes for BitcoinVM Launch

2 min readFeb 15, 2024

Bakery’s Next Launchpad Project - BitcoinVM, a modular Bitcoin Layer2 Compatible with EVM, is about to launch! Read this article for the details: NEW Launchpad Project: BitcoinVM - a Modular Bitcoin Layer2 Compatible with EVM

We’re launching a series of marketing campaigns in collaboration with various crypto communities for Bonus Codes distribution. Here is a guide about how to get Bonus Codes.

Invitation Codes and Bonus Codes

We offer two types of codes for the BitcoinVM launch: Invitation Codes and Bonus Codes. Bonus Codes are generated from Invitation Codes to establish an invitation relationship.

Both Bonus Code and Invitation Code participants can get 50% more allocation than other participants. An Invitation Code allows you to earn another extra 10% of $BVM tokens based on your invitees’ participation.

How to Get Invitation Codes?

Each Invitation Code can generate a number of Bonus Codes. After getting an Invitation Code, you can use it to generate a number of Bonus Codes and then launch market campaigns to distribute your Bonus Codes.

To obtain an Invitation Code, you need to be an influencer or have your own community. DM us on Twitter at BakerySwap to discuss community collaboration, and we’ll give you an appropriate Invitation Code.

How to Use Invitation Codes?

If you have an Invitation Code, enter it on the Bakery Launchpad page ( as shown below. Upon submission, you’ll receive your Bonus Codes, which you can distribute to your community. Each code can be only used once.

How to Get Bonus Codes?

If you want to obtain Bonus Codes, keep an eye on various giveaway activities on Twitter.

How to Use Bonus Codes?

Similarly, if you have a Bonus Code, submit it on the Bakery Launchpad page. After participating in the Launchpad, you’ll receive 50% more allocation than other participants.

Join us at BitcoinVM and be part of the Bitcoin renaissance!

For the BitcoinVM Launch details, read this article: NEW Launchpad Project: BitcoinVM — an EVM Compatible Bitcoin Layer2