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We’ve been extremely overwhelmed by the support and excitement we have received from our community. It’s now time to present our new IDO — Spartan Casino. Before that, we first announce the changes to IDO rules.

We have summarized our experience in the recent IDOs. For example, we have gained the enthusiastic participation of many users in the process of DEFI100 IDO. However, due to the rapid response and participation of Big-Whale accounts, IDO was seriously overraised within 1 second, which actually discouraged the enthusiasm of most retail investors. At the same time, due to too many addresses in the…

BakerySwap is cooperating with Ankr Staking to use aETH, a synthetic derivative asset, to launch new farming pools, including aETH-BETH and aETH-ETH. BakerySwap will allow aETH holders to benefit from becoming liquidity providers. Also we will add $Ankr, $OnX, and extra $BAKE reward, to this farming pool.

What is aETH?

aETH is a synthetic bond-like asset that is distributed to all ETH stakers and can be traded immediately. aETH is one asset & combined value. aETH represents the staked ETH plus all future staking rewards. Initially, aETH is issued at a ratio of 1:1 to the amount of ETH staked…

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Recently several IDO projects on BakerySwap Launchpad have achieved good data performance. However, there are more awesome projects whose applications are confirmed and are temporarily in the schedule for launching. Now we plan to start DEFI100 first, which has a special and interesting economic mechanism, let’s check it.

  • WHAT IS DEFI100?

DEFI100 is a Synthetic Index Fund Protocol based on the Elastic supply token principle and pegged to DeFi Sector Market Cap at the ratio of 1:100 billion. …

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Two months ago, we released NFT Combo on for users to try some special meals. It has attracted a lot of users to compose the combos, which are random NFT combo meals that can generate BAKE. The NFT combo meals greatly increase BAKE lock-ups.

Then, in order to maintain the uniqueness and scarcity of NFT Combos, we decided to pause Combo composing, and users can only buy combos from the NFT supermarket from those who want to sell their combos.

However, there are fewer and fewer people willing to sell their combos, and then there is no way for…

BakerySwap has launching the NFT Bidding function recently, which enable NFT enthusiasts to obtain his beloved NFT in a fairer way. Let’s see how to join to participate in NFT Bidding:

If you are a buyer, how to participate in bidding?


Connect BSC wallet to Bakeryswap.

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Go to the NFT Supermarket interface on and select V2 Makert.

Although other sections such as NFT and liquidity farming on BakerySwap are very hot recently, the progress of our Launchpad is also steadily advancing. As of now, a total of more than 20 projects have submitted IDO applications to us. We selected one of amzing’s -SHIELD PROTOCOL and launched the new IDO.

What is SHIELD PROTOCOL project?

SHIELD is a Second Layer Security Platform based on the Binance Smart Chain. Shield is a Two factor authentication would be on a server-less p2p architecture on top of blockchain where every log would be recorded on to a decentralised ledger for transparency…

In order to allow users to participate in the NFT ecosystem more quickly and directly, we have added a new member-MuskDoge NFT to the NFT Supermarket.

Minting an NFT is an easy process. Let’s see the steps.

Step 1:

Go to the NFT supermarket on the top menu. Then press the Tab “Musk & Doge” or link the page through

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Step 2:

You will then see the menu options of “Mint Artworks”. Fill in the all the items. Most importantly, certify this is an original artwork. …

-Have you been participating in ETH 2.0?

-Not yet? Why?

-The request of 32 $ETH is too high?The return is not attractive? The staking period is too long or the liquidity is not good enough?

-Why not come to BakerySwap to try ETH2.0 cross-chain farming, one stake triple return, unlimited liquidity, and instant trading.

-How about that?

On December 1, ETH 2.0 was officially launched, marking the start of the Ethereum consensus mechanism from POW to POS. Participants need to stake minimum 32 ​​$ETH be a block producer, and the APY is expected to be 5–20%.

In order to reduce…

Since we launched the NFT Supermarket, we have been committed to the development and promotion of this feature. After a period of hard work and exploration, we have presented many NFTs, such as Bakery Combos, Pet Eggs, Weapons, Digital Artworks, Binance NFT etc. These NFTs achieved great success.

Recently we just launched a new section of the NFT supermarket, called ‘BSC Artist‘, which allows all the artists in the world to upload and trade their digital artwork through this section on Binance Smart Chain.

Here is an instruction for artists to list their artworks on our NFT Supermarket.

Step 1:

Since the release of our Launchpad, we successfully completed the first IDO. One month later, we now sincerely introduce our second IDO — BLINk.

What is BLINk

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BLINk is a partnership between WINk and Binance community. They’ve created a brand new gaming platform running entirely on the Binance Smart Chain. The platform will enable BNB holders to start using their tokens to experience the excitement of daily gaming and wealth redistribution that WINksters on Tron have been enjoying for over two years. …


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