We are glad to announce that Mars Ecosystem IDO will be launched on BakerySwap on June 14th 7:00 AM UTC

About Mars Ecosystem

Mars Ecosystem is a new decentralized stablecoin paradigm, it integrates the creation and use of stablecoin into the same system.

Mars Ecosystem consists of three parts: Mars Treasury, Mars Stablecoin and Mars DeFi protocols, which together form a positive feedback loop. Mars stablecoin is price-stable, capital-efficient, scalable and decentralized. XMS is the governance token in Mars Ecosystem.

The goal of Mars Ecosystem is to build the central bank and reserve currency of the DeFi world.

Mars Ecosystem received $2 million in financing. …

Like any other craft and skill, digital artistry comes with myriads of challenges that are capable of discouraging upcoming artists. Zen, a 3D design expert and one of the most successful NFT creators on BakerySwap, talked about some of these challenges and ways of staying on top of the game as a digital artist.

The level of interest from rich celebrities and the amount of money that is pumped into NFTs are pointers to the fact that becoming a digital artist is one of the best choices in the blockchain and crypto ecosystem. With a single digital artwork selling for several millions of dollars, NFTs are among the most lucrative facets of cryptocurrency. One of the issues with artists is that most people decide to become an NFT creator just to make a fortune without understanding that before the dollars come, one must be ready to overcome the challenges that abound in digital artistry.

“If you spend time doing art, your art will inevitably become better over time.” David, a seasoned artist and the founder of Custom Horror in an interview with BakerySwap talked about what it takes to become a successful artist.

As the world of NFTs also known as digital arts continues to evolve and attract the attention of many people including celebrities from different aspects of human endeavor, becoming a successful artist has become a desirable goal for many individuals. Some people argue that becoming an artist is not just a decision one makes just because he sees painting as a…

Wait… Meta…what?

Maybe you have been familiar with the virtual world depicted in the movie “Ready Player One” or in the animation “Sword Art Online”, that the metaverse is about individuals uploading their consciousness to the Internet, and using VR/AR technology to set up their lives in the virtual world with new identities.

Each player has an independent identity in the virtual world, and interactions between players and all kinds of interactive behaviors occur simultaneously. In the metaverse, every player exists as a builder. …

We are glad to announce that TOKAU IDO will be launched on BakerySwap on June 7th 7:00 AM UTC


TOKAU provides users with exclusive IP culture. TOKAU allows the joined idol IP to publish a wish list according to their own preferences and moods, and invites their fans to fulfill their wishes by sending NFT gifts and give back a promise of special benefits.

At present, the well-known Japanese actresses Mikami Yua, Takizawa Lola, the famous American actor Ian Somerhalder, and the famous hip-hop musician Russell Simmons have collaborated with TOKAU, and will issue their NFTs on BakerySwap.

Join the winning team now

BakerySwap is experiencing an unprecedented growth

After experiencing an incredible Q1 growth, and after expanding to new products and services during Q2, BakerySwap needs to strengthen their team in order to be in a better position to keep this pace, and to achieve new goals and challenges.

In 2021, our Exchange has achieved daily trading volumes over $100M, with a TVL of around $400M. Our NFT Marketplace is leading the NFT sector with close to 400,000 transactions and over 100,000 NFT mints since inception. Beside we launched Bakery Gallery, which is organizing more and more top events, like the recent 3D Top artists event. Our Gamification…

Rubén Guirado, founder of Muwasha iProjects in an interview session with BakerySwap, the first DeFi exchange platform that provides both AMM and NFT Marketplace on Binance Smart Chain talks about the various challenges NFT creators face and how to overcome them.

Bakeryswap is not only interested in providing the platform where digital artists meet collectors, this great platform also leads the way in providing adequate education and information in the world of NFT and other issues that concern decentralized finance. …

As Bakeryswap continues to provide a conducive platform where NFT creators sell not only their artworks but also market their personalities, srnArt, a seasoned painter with over 20 years of experience in painting and founder of srnArtGallery talks about his journey into the world of NFT and what he thinks the future holds for these digital artworks.

BakerySwap, the first DeFi exchange platform that provides both AMM and NFT Marketplace on Binance Smart Chain continues with its mandate of facilitating global NFT adoption as it offers educational platforms and promotes seasoned and promising artists through its weekly interviews with successful…

What is Barking NFT?

Barking NFTs are 10,000 unique barking sounds, each with a cartoon dog barking animation video, which are created by an artist from Bakery’s NFT art community. 10,000 unique sounds are a world-first thing, which makes them so special. More importantly, they can be combined with Crypto Doggies to further strengthen the doggy meme ecosystem.

What is ILO?

ILO is the abbreviation of Initial Liquidity Offering. …

Welcome talent to Binance Smart Chain!

At Bakery Gallery we keep the focus on bringing you the best digital art. Our curators proactively search between our open NFT Marketplace and other top platforms, to attract the best talent. This week we introduce you to 6 artists, and invite you to visit bakerygallery.com to discover their artworks.


Victoria Poirier: Victoria Poirier a.k.a. Ponio is a multidisciplinary designer, floating in 3D space. She creates interiors and contemporary still life where she shows objects, evoking a moment in time, either past or future.

Creiaskeera: Creiaskeera is a 3D artist, who is in love with the versatility of art…


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