Introducing Crypto Doggies NFT Launching on Bakery NFTSwap

3 min readNov 17, 2023

About Crypto Doggies NFT Collection

Meet the Crypto Doggies NFT Collection: a pack of 10,000 unique, animated Doggy NFTs from popular breeds like Shiba-Inus and Huskies. The Crypto Doggies NFTs, previously launched on the BNB Chain, are now migrating to Ethereum.

Contract Address: 0x82ed14ae600eda7346545fd5cbc68ba9338aeffa

About Bakery NFTSwap

Bakery NFTSwap is a revolutionary trading platform for NFTs. We introduce the bToken concept — a fractionalized representation of NFTs. It enables seamless two-way conversion between bTokens and NFTs.

Utilizing the bToken, we connect AMM liquidity pools with NFTs, effectively resolving liquidity challenges. This innovation allows users to trade NFTs as easily as tokens.

The bToken of the Crypto Doggies NFT

$DoggyNFT is the bToken of Crypto Doggies NFTs, representing a fractionalized form of the Crypto Doggies NFTs. This means that each Crypto Doggies NFT corresponds to 1 $DoggyNFT token.

The NFTs and the $DoggyNFT tokens are always interchangeable at the fixed 1 to 1 ratio, so the value of $DoggyNFT always represents the value of the NFTs. Here are the details about $DoggyNFT:

  • bToken Name: $DoggyNFT
  • Total Supply: 10,000
  • Conversion Ratio: 1 NFT to 1 $DoggyNFT
  • Tax on selling bToken: 8% (burned)
  • Contract Address: TBA

Note that $DoggyNFT can be traded on Uniswap directly with sufficient liquidity.

The bToken Liquidity Pool and Conversion Contract

$DoggyNFT-ETH liquidity pool will be established on Uniswap, which is integrated with Bakery NFTSwap and the Conversion Contract. The contract enables a two-way conversion between Crypto Doggies NFTs and $DoggyNFT at the fixed 1:1 ratio. The integration ensures smooth transactions between NFTs and ETH without any liquidity concerns.

The Deflation of bToken and NFTs

When $DoggyNFT is sold, there’s an 8% selling fee, which is immediately burned. And because $DoggyNFT are tied to the NFTs, a proportional amount of the NFTs will also be burned.

About Rare NFTs

For rare, high-value NFTs, Bakery NFTSwap might not be the ideal place due to its trading mechanism, where all NFTs are sold at floor price. So, if you’re holding a rare gem in your collection, platforms like Opensea might be your better choice.

Bakery NFTSwap aims to bridge the gap between NFT and DeFi traders, making the trading experience as simple, efficient, and liquid as token trading.