Introducing the First Launchpad Project on BASE — Punk X

2 min readAug 4, 2023

What is Punk X?

Punk X is a story of revolution that embodies a fusion between future technology and human imagination. It is a community where everyone can easily turn their ideas into artistic masterpieces and engaging stories with the help of artificial intelligence.



About Punk X NFT Collection

Punk X is the first collection of 10k NFTs on the Base Network. Each character is absolutely unique and has versatile roles. They can become unique identities in the digital world, opening up a world of possibilities.

About $PUNK Token

$PUNK Token, the bound token for Punk X NFTs, enhances the liquidity for Punk X NFTs. The $PUNK tokens and Punk X NFTs can always be converted in either direction at a 1:1 ratio.

Token Info

  • Name: PUNK X
  • Symbol: $PUNK
  • Contract Address: 0x28eD8909de1b3881400413Ea970ccE377a004ccA
  • Max Supply: 10000
  • Transaction Fee on Selling: 8% (automatically burned to reduce the supply of $PUNK)

Token Distribution

  • Launchpad: 40%
  • Liquidity Pool: 40%
  • Artists, Airdrops and Operations: 20%

Token Sale Info

$PUNK token sale is kicking off on the BakerySwap Launchpad, here are the details:

  • Initial Sale Price: 1 PUNK = 0.05 ETH
  • Capped Amount for Sale: 4000 $PUNK (200 ETH)
  • Sale Date: 6AM UTC on Aug 10
  • Participation Caps: Minimum of 0.01 ETH and Maximum of 2 ETH per participant.
  • Participation Method: $ETH (on Base) or $BAKE (on BNB Chain)
  • Sale Method: The sale is open to all participants (EXCEPT those from restricted countries such as the USA, Canada and a few others). In case of oversubscription, the excess funds will be returned proportionately. Please note that whitelist members are eligible for a doubled allocation.
  • Launch Process: Participants will receive $PUNK tokens and excess ETH refunds within 3 hours after participating in the sale. Once they have received $PUNK, they can immediately start trading it on the BakerySwap exchange.
  • Liquidity Pool: 200 ETH paired with 4000 $PUNK will be put into the liquidity pool to ensure market liquidity.

How to get whitelisted?

We’re launching a series of marketing campaigns in collaboration with various crypto and NFT communities for whitelist spot distribution. Stay tuned for further announcements by keeping an eye on our Twitter and Telegram channels.