Introducing the Punk X NFT Drop on BakerySwap

2 min readAug 16, 2023

About Punk X NFT Collection

Punk X is the first 10k NFT collection on the Base Network. They are unique digital characters with versatile roles, and can become unique identities in the digital world, opening up a world of possibilities.

The Punk X NFT collection is viewable on OpenSea:

The Special Drop: Minting Your Punk X NFTs using $PUNK

Starting on 08.18 at 6:00 AM UTC, the much-anticipated Punk X NFTs are up for grabs at a 1:1 ratio with $PUNK tokens. To mint your desired NFTs, simply visit

BakerySwap offers two minting options tailored to your preferences:

1) Quick Mint: For those who love surprises, this option is for you! Just specify the number of NFTs you wish to mint, and you’ll get random NFTs for the number you choose.

2) Advanced Mint: If you have a specific Punk X NFT in mind, head to the Advanced Mint tab. Here, you can input the ID of your chosen NFT, which you can find on OpenSea, and mint that exact piece.

Please note, during this Special Drop, you’re only allowed to convert from $Punk to PunkX NFT. However, once the Bakery NFTSwap goes live in late August, a seamless two-way conversion between $PUNK and PunkX NFTs will be available.

Read this article for more info about Bakery NFTSwap: