NEW Launchpad Project: BitcoinVM - a Modular Bitcoin Layer2 Compatible with EVM

2 min readFeb 13, 2024

What is BitcoinVM?

BitcoinVM is a Modular Bitcoin Layer2 that is compatible with EVM, using BTC as the “gas” and the “native currency” within its ecosystem. It seamlessly connects Bitcoin and EVM ecosystems, thereby enhancing the utility of Bitcoin by bringing various DeFi applications into the realm and enabling a new era of BTCFi.

Beyond being a singular Bitcoin Layer2 network, BitcoinVM also provides BVM Stack, which is a customizable platform for developers to easily build their own EVM-compatible Bitcoin Layer2 networks. Chains built on the BVM Stack can interact seamlessly with each other, fostering a robust interconnected ecosystem for Bitcoin.




About $BVM Token

$BVM is one of the two gas tokens in BitcoinVM network (the other one is wBTC). The $BVM gas used in the network will be burned. By staking $BVM to the node, one can share the wBTC gas of the BitcoinVM network. The basic information of $BVM is as follows:

  • Name: BitcoinVM
  • Symbol: $BVM
  • Total Supply: 21,000,000
  • Protocol: ERC20 & BVM Mainnet Gas Token
  • CA (ERC20): TBD

Launching Details on Bakery Launchpad

  • Launchpad URL:
  • Launch Amount: 2,000,000
  • Launch Price: TBD
  • Launch Time: TBD
  • Participation Tokens: $ETH, $wBTC, $BAKE & $1CAT
  • Participation Limits per Address: up to 5 ETH and 0.2 wBTC for each Address. No limitation for $1CAT and $BAKE
  • Participation Method: Participation is open to everyone (EXCEPT those from restricted countries such as the USA, Canada and a few others).
  • Bonus Code: Participants with a Bonus Code can get 50% more allocation.
  • Launch Process: Participants will receive the excess $ETH, $wBTC, $Bake, $1Cat refunds within 48 hours after participating in the sale. $BVM tokens will be distributed on Ethereum within 48 hours.

How to get a Bonus Code?

We’re launching a series of marketing campaigns in collaboration with various crypto communities for Bonus Codes distribution. Stay tuned for further announcements by keeping an eye on our Twitter and Telegram channels.

Here is detailed guidance on how to obtain Bonus Codes: