The 4th BRC20 Project Launching: BendDAO (BDIN)

2 min readJan 2, 2024

What is BendDAO?

BendDAO is the leading NFT lending protocol on Ethereum, boasting an impressive TVL of over $110M. With a track record of safe operation extending beyond 600 days, BendDAO is now broadening its horizons to the Bitcoin ecosystem, enhancing lending and bridge for BTC assets.

BendDAO is committed to enhancing the Lending and Bridge in the Bitcoin ecosystem while continuing to lead the NFT lending on Ethereum. Each step makes BendDAO closer to becoming the best Web3 liquidity protocol.

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About $BDIN 🍮

$BDIN is BendDAO’s BRC-20 Inscription, enhancing Bitcoin-related operations with a focus on lending and bridge. It’s set to revolutionize cross-chain bridges and collateralized lending, bringing enhanced DeFi liquidity to Bitcoin assets.

To spearhead innovation and foster growth within the BendDAO ecosystem, a strategic 30% of $BDIN is allocated to a development fund, ensuring the continuous evolution of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Token Info:

Name: $BDIN
Total Supply: 100,000,000
Protocol: BRC20
- 60% Launch on BendDAO
- 10% Launch on BakerySwap and TurtSat
- 30% Ecosystem

Token Sale Info on BakerySwap Launchpad:

Launch Price: 1 ticket = 20000 $BDIN = 100 USD
FDV: 500,000 USDT
Launch Amount: 5,000,000 (250 tickets, 5% of total supply)

Participation Tokens: $BAKE & $1CAT

Launch Starts: Jan 4, 8 AM UTC

Launch Ends: Jan 4, 9 AM UTC

Participation Method: Everyone can participate in the sale, and after it ends, all addresses will be ranked based on the amount of $BAKE & $1CAT participated. The top 250 addresses will be deemed successful participants, and each will be allocated 1 ticket.

Participation Limits: Min 80k $BAKE, Max 400k $BAKE; and Min 2M $1CAT, Max 10M $1CAT.

Note: To rank higher, we highly recommend that you participate using both $BAKE and $1CAT.

Launch Process: Participants will receive excess $BAKE and $1cat refunds within 12 hours after participating in the sale. $BDIN tokens will be distributed on Bitcoin in a few days.