The First BRC20 Project Launching: Bitcoin Cats ($1cat)

2 min readDec 11, 2023

What is Bitcoin Cats?

BitcoinCats is the GameFi platform for the Bitcoin Ecosystem. Through mapping the Bitcoin Assets (BRC20, Ordinals NFT and others) to Ethereum (and other Layer2) networks, BitcoinCats brings many new elements to the Bitcoin Assets, including but not limited to Play2Earn, Staking, Farmland, SocialFi and many others. The mission of BitcoinCats is to build the next-gen gaming ecosystem across Bitcoin and EVM networks, with the communities of both sides, together.




About $1cat Token

$1cat is the native token of Bitcoin Cats Gaming Ecosystem. It is originally inscribed on Bitcoin and part of it is bridged/wrapped to Ethereum to benefit from the well developed DeFi and GameFi infrastructure.

$1cat is the Utility token with the BitcoinCats gaming ecosystem, which can be used to buy & upgrade in-game assets including the avatars, pets, equipments, farmlands and so forth. It also serves like tickets, enabling players to access special features. Finally, it is also a memecoin, with a super cute cat as its logo.

Token Info:

  • Name: $1cat
  • Total Supply: 10B
  • Distribution: Launchpad: 20%; Liquidity: 20%; Team: 15%; Game Rewards & Airdrops & Activities: 45%
  • Protocol: BRC20 (part of it wrapped to ERC20)

Token Sale Info on Bakery Launchpad:

  • Website:
  • Launch Price: 1ETH = 6.25M $1cat
  • Launch Amount: 2B
  • Participation Tokens: $ETH (Ethereum), $BAKE (BSC), $Doggy (Ethereum), $PUNK (Base)
  • Participation Caps: 2 ETH for ETH participation.
  • Sale Time: Dec 19, 8 AM UTC
  • WL Round: Whitelist is required in this round.
  • non-WL Round: This round is open to all participants (EXCEPT those from restricted countries such as the USA, Canada and a few others). No whitelist is required.
  • Sale Method: In case of oversubscription, the excess funds will be returned proportionately. Please note that whitelist members are eligible for a doubled allocation.
  • Launch Process: Participants will receive $1cat tokens and excess $ETH refunds within 48 hours after participating in the sale. Note that about a portion of the $1cat will be distributed on BRC while another portion will be distributed on Ethereum.

How to get whitelisted?

We’re launching a series of marketing campaigns in collaboration with various crypto and BRC20 communities for whitelist spot distribution. Stay tuned for further announcements by keeping an eye on our Twitter and Telegram channels.