The First Meme Coin on Bakery Launchpad - $IQ50

2 min readMar 5, 2024

What is IQ50?

IQ50 is absolutely a meme coin and it’s all about having fun. It doesn’t have any utility, there’s no team going to build it, and no VCs or projects are backing it up.

The idea behind $IQ50 is pretty simple: It’s a joke about people who don’t think too hard sometimes make big money, while those who study a lot might end up gaining nothing.

So, what do you think will happen with $IQ50?

To learn more about IQ50, follow it on Twitter:

About IQ50 Coin

  • Name / Symbol: IQ50
  • Total Supply: 505,050,505,050
  • Chain: Solana

Launchpad Details

How to participate:

You have four ways to receive an IQ50 airdrop:

  1. Connect your Twitter on the Launchpad page, follow @bakery_swap and @IQ50BeRich. If you have a Twitter Blue account, you can get 1M - 3M $IQ50; if you’re a regular user, you can get 20K $IQ50.
  2. Own a Solana Mobile. All 117,497 Solana Mobile holders will receive 94B $IQ50 tokens (800K for each).
  3. Bridge $1CAT to the 1CAT Chain. For every $1CAT bridged, you will receive 100 $IQ50 tokens. 1CAT Points holders will also get an additional amount of $IQ50 tokens. Note that the $1CAT bridged will be locked until the1CAT Chain Mainnet launching at the end of March.
  4. Participate in IQ50 Giveaways on Twitter. We’re launching a series of $IQ50 Giveaway activities on Twitter with various communities. If you’re an influencer, DM us on Twitter.