The Second BRC20 Project Launching: Bitland ($BLLB)

3 min readDec 24, 2023

What is BitLand?

BitLand represents a groundbreaking endeavor as the premier AI-driven 3D Metaverse based on the Bitcoin ecosystem. The mission of BitLand is to cultivate an environment that prioritizes sociability, gaming experience for users and allows users to make use of their Bitcoin Assets (BRC20, Ordinals NFT and others) within the Metaverse. By bridging the assets between ERC20 and BRC20, Bitland will bring many new users into the Bitcoin Ecosystem and narrow the barriers between the Bitcoin ecosystem and the EVM ecosystem.

BitLand is actively integrated into the Bitcoin ecosystem, prioritizing improved user login experiences through major Bitcoin wallet integrations. BitLand will seamlessly incorporate Bitmap and BRC420 Protocol into the product, granting exclusive access to Bitmap holders and utilizing the BRC420 protocol for future Metaverse assets. The full BitLand ecosystem includes five components: BitLand Marketplace, BitLand Map, BitLand World, BitLand Builder, and BitLand DAO. This ensures that BitLand provides a well-rounded experience for players, creators, and investors, contributing to the prosperity of the creator economy.




About $BLLB Token

$BLLB serves as the primary token within the BitLand Metaverse Ecosystem, with its BRC20 roots inscribed on Bitcoin and a portion seamlessly wrapped onto Ethereum, fostering the smooth movement of assets between the Bitcoin and EVM ecosystems.

Within the BitLand Metaverse, $BLLB plays a dual role as a utility and governance token. Firstly, $BLLB provides utility by allowing users to acquire various Metaverse assets, including lands, avatars, parcels, wearables, and more. Secondly, users can stake $BLLB to earn rewards, actively contributing to the ecosystem’s development. Lastly, $BLLB functions as the governance token, granting players access to the BitLand DAO and empowering them to collectively shape the future of BitLand.

Token Info:

  • Name: $BLLB
  • Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 (10B)
  • Distribution: BAKE IDO 50%; Team: 5% (Locked for 6 months and linear vesting in 12 months); Partnership: 15%; Airdrop: 10%; Liquidity: 10%; Staking: 10%
  • Protocol: BRC20 (part of it wrapped to ERC20)

Token Sale Info on Bakery Launchpad:

  • FDV: 240ETH
  • Launch Price: 1ETH = 41.6M $BLLB
  • Launch Amount: 5B
  • Participation Tokens: $BAKE (BSC), $1cat (Ethereum)
  • Participation Caps: 10ETH equivalent $BAKE (BSC) or $1cat (Ethereum)
  • Sale Time: Dec 28, 8 AM UTC
  • Alpha WL Round: Alpha Whitelist is required in this round (500 Alpha Whitelist in total), in which each alpha whitelist will be allocated with 4.16M $BLLB.
  • non-WL Round: This round is open for Beta Whitelist and all other participants (EXCEPT those from restricted countries such as the USA, Canada and a few others). No whitelist is required, but the Beta Whitelist members are eligible for a doubled allocation.
  • Sale Method: In case of oversubscription, the excess funds will be returned proportionately.
  • Launch Process: Participants will receive $BLLB tokens and excess $BAKE or $1cat refunds within 48 hours after participating in the sale. Note that a portion of the $BLLB will be distributed on BRC while another portion will be distributed on Ethereum. Alpha round participants will receive either BRC20 or ERC20 tokens, while all Beta round participants will receive only ERC20 tokens.

How to get whitelisted?

BitLand is launching a series of marketing campaigns in collaboration with various crypto and BRC20 communities for whitelist spot distribution. Stay tuned for further announcements by BitLand Official twitter and keep an eye on BitLand Telegram channels.