The Third BRC20 Project Launching: Bitcat ($BICA)

3 min readDec 29, 2023

1. What is Bitcat ($BICA)?

Bitcat is a novel on-chain derivative protocol based on the BRC20 market and has garnered support from Binance Labs. It is supported by Copycat Finance in terms of technology.

Built on top of the non-custodial asset trading protocol on the Bitcoin chain, Bitcat serves as a derivative trading platform for BRC20 assets using the RGB scheme and BTC Rollup technology. The platform aims to provide a decentralized exchange (Dex)-like trading experience for BRC20 derivatives, offering more possibilities for the development of the Bitcoin ecosystem and leading the way in emerging trends.




2. About $BICA Token

In the Bitcat ecosystem, $BICA plays a dual role as a utility token and a governance token, with its BRC20 roots engraved on the Bitcoin blockchain.

The benefits of holding $BICA include:

2.1. Transaction Fee Discounts:

Users holding $BICA enjoy varying levels of transaction fee discounts, encouraging more trading activity.

2.2. NFT Market Privileges:

$BICA holders receive exclusive benefits such as discounts and early access to new NFTs, fostering an active NFT market.

2.3. Ecosystem Contribution Rewards:

Users staking $BICA have the opportunity to receive rewards for ecosystem development, incentivizing participation in community decisions and ecosystem projects.

2.4. Unlocking Social Features:

Holding a certain amount of $BICA unlocks special features within the social platform, increasing motivation for user participation in community activities.

2.5. Exclusive Collaborations and Partnerships:

$BICA holders are eligible to participate in exclusive collaborations and

partnerships, providing more business opportunities and interactive possibilities.

2.6. AMM DEX Wrapping Discounts:

$BICA holders enjoy transaction fee discounts on AMM DEXs with multiple-chain inscribed assets, encouraging more users to use $BICA for asset transactions.

2.7. Multi-Chain Inscribed Asset Aggregator Rewards:

Users participating in the multi-chain inscribed asset aggregator, especially those staking $BICA, can receive additional rewards, motivating them to provide liquidity and participate in the aggregator’s operation.

2.8. Cross-Chain Swap Privileges:

$BICA holders have the privilege of conducting inscribed asset cross-chain swaps between the Bitcoin chain and EVM chain. This may include lower fees or exclusive access to trading pairs, promoting cross-chain asset liquidity.

3. Token Info:

Name: $BICA
Total Supply: 21,000,000
Protocol: BRC20
- 80% Fair Launch on BakerySwap
- 15% Foundation
- 5% Team

4. Token Sale Info on Bakery Launchpad:

Launch Price: 1 ticket = 10,000 $BICA = 300 USD
FDV: 630,000 USDT
Launch Amount: 16,800,000 (80% of total supply)

Participation Tokens: $BAKE & $1CAT;

Sale Time: Jan 2, 8 AM UTC

Participation Method: Everyone participates in the same round, and after it ends, all addresses will be ranked based on the amount of $BAKE & $1CAT participated, with 1680 tickets distributed accordingly. Whitelisted addresses will receive a 5x multiplier on their participated amount for ranking alongside other addresses. In case of oversubscription, the excess funds will be returned.

Alpha WL users: 80 tickets for Alpha WL users (Guaranteed 1 ticket)

Beta WL and Non-WL users: 1600 tickets for Beta WL users and non-WL users.

Note: To rank higher, we highly recommend that you participate using both $BAKE and $1CAT, as each address is limited to using up to 50,000 $BAKE and 3,000,000 $1CAT. If you reach the cap with both $BAKE and $1CAT, you will have priority in the ranking.

Launch Process: Participants will receive excess $BAKE and $1cat refunds within 12 hours after participating in the sale. $BICA tokens will be distributed on Bitcoin in a few days.

How to get whitelisted?

Bitcat is launching a series of marketing campaigns in collaboration with various crypto and BRC20 communities for whitelist spot distribution. Stay tuned for further announcements by Bitcat Official twitter and keep an eye on Bitcat Discord channels.